Pedestrians in China rescue a kitten struggling to climb a vertical river embankment

Ginger kitten rescued from urban river in China by pedestrians
Ginger kitten rescued from urban river in China by pedestrians. Screenshot.
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I do not know how long this video will remain on this website because it is the kind of video which gets removed at some time in the future. If that has happened, I apologise but I do not have control over the lifespan of videos on YouTube. The video is great to see because some sensitive pedestrians in China used their best efforts to rescue a cat or kitten from a river. The cat was trying to clamber up a vertical face from the river to the pavement. It looked impossible but with the assistance of two pedestrians the cat was gently cajoled into a bucket and raised to the surface.

The big question for someone like me is what happened next? It’s great to rescue a cat from such a precarious, life-threatening situation but once rescued it would be nice to believe that the cat was taken to a rescue centre and rehomed or rehomed directly. We don’t know but a follow-up would be so nice. It would reassure me that this cat ended up in a home because there is no point rescuing a cat from a river if he or she is simply put back into the urban environment where their lifespan is severely reduced and their life precarious.


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