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Pennsylvania Police Officer Shoots Lost Cat for Hissing — 8 Comments

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  2. Are my comments too strongly worded?

    Fire Officer Leighton Pursell!

    Officer Leighton Pursell should not be free to roam in our community, let alone, walk among us with a gun-

    Shouldn’t this cop be shot? Not that I’m advocating it, but isn’t that what should happen??

    You do not use your gun as a toy at the slightest opportunity to shoot at someone when you’re a police officer!

    Left completely to my own devices, I would strip this bltch down and tie him to the back of my truck to drag him along beneath it until he was turned into hamburger.

    This rat-bastard son-of-a-bltch deserves to have his skull crushed firmly and thoroughly into the asphalt, before being left to finish dying.

    While I don’t advocare or promote violence, this would be a start of justice.

    ‘Word’ to his family

  3. This police officer obviously hates cats and needs hus badge taken!!! They take an oath to help Not kill. Fire thus POS!!!!!!

  4. For me, based on what I read, this is a clear case of animal cruelty under the law. The officer should be charged and prosecuted. He should be convicted and punished. Will it happen? No. It will never happen. Cats are just not important enough. The police are above the law most of the time and certainly above the law when they needlessly kill a loved cat.

    Thanks Elisa although it made me mad.

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