People changing into cats due to dark forces

The country is Kenya but lets not fool ourselves. Although there is probably more superstition within the African continent than elsewhere, cat related superstition could happen anywhere, even middle America or the West End of London, UK. Some Chinese people still believe that eating a tiger’s penis gives them a better erection 😉 It’s a mad, mad world and I want to get off.

Kittens head stuck in jerrycan
Kittens head stuck in jerrycan. Still from video below.
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Yes, God forbid, it is still with us in the world; superstition attached to the domestic cat. I find it amazing that people can still believe that people can change into cats due to dark forces. This idea is a direct descendant of the witches familiar from the European dark ages. Today, a significant number of people still believe as people believed 600 and more years ago. Why was the cat targeted so maliciously in this way by superstitious people?

If something is worth believing and it is based on sensible fact and experience then it should be believed for ever but if there is no sensible basis for the belief and it is dangerous to people and in this instance cats, people should move on and get it out of their system as quickly as possible. Sadly, the terrible weaknesses and deficiencies in the mentality of humankind shows up when it comes to superstitions.


In this story we have a little kitten whose head got stuck in a jerrycan. The can had probably been used to carry food or a drink, perhaps water. He was thirsty and got his head stuck as the opening to the can was narrow.

Local people saw this innocuous event as a person who had been possessed by evil forces and turned into a cat and therefore they refused to touch the kitten or get involved. It would have taken 10 seconds to remove the can from the cat yet this poor creature was stuck for 4 days until someone, who was more enlightened, removed the bloody thing.

A doctor (perhaps he was a vet, I don’t know) who through education has become more enlightened declares to the media that there have been no examples of cats connected with spiritualism. He chooses his words carefully possibly to avoid offending someone.

There you have it. Superstitions about the devil walking around as a cat are still firmly with us. Witchcraft is alive and well in Africa – and elsewhere. When will humankind move on and grow up?

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17 thoughts on “People changing into cats due to dark forces”

  1. Greetings cat lovers! I just happened on this page, how dreadfully barbaric! To bad to say that even in the USA animal and child cruelty abounds!

    I am a fellow empathic, information such as the story above brings me great sorrow. Right now we have two rescued dogs, a 18 yr old Rat Terrier, we’ve had for 13 yrs now. The other is a 3 1/2 yr old, Doberman/Black Lab. Both were terribly abused! Even after having the youngest for 2 yrs, we are still working through some of the abuse she survived. I know the Rattie still has some problems. Most of it revolves around “people” food.


    • Hi Sijai and welcome. Sorry you had to wait before your comment was published. First time visitor’s comments are checked but after that you are free to gossip all you like with instant publication. I agree with what you say. The human race as a whole, as a species, frankly shocks me. I am ashamed to be part of it. Stick around we always discuss cat and animal welfare and have some fun too.

    • No, more like crazy human superstitions and nothing to do with cats – it could be any animal. Based on the comments you make I sense there is a hint of the crazy in you too.

  2. I miss PoC when I get over busy. If I am not commenting it’s because the only free time I do have is reserved for playing with my cats. I’ve had a second job in full force this week and it sucks. I’d rather not have the money and have the time to talk about the absurdities of the human race as can be seen from the view of cats.

    Maybe people always thought cats were dodgy because infact cats are so close to people so they simply become the nearest thing to pick on. It’s a sort of compliment to cats that people think they are so all powerful. It’s very sad and bad what results from the fact though as can be seen here. Buddhist monks traditionally are known for wishing to return as european cats as part of Samsara. But clearly alot of them don’t know what it’s like in the west – for cats. Being reborn into the body of a cat is a real dangerous bet because you may well end up in a gas chamber somewhere in the US. From a point of view like this though the interesting question is what a ‘pet’ or familly household cat gets as a set of life lessons. It’s fairly unique. Many animals live in the wild and are somewhere totally different on the spiral but an animal that lives with humans who love it is a special sort life to live and has probably a specific and unique set of problems and lessons to be learned. Perhaps it’s what you get once you have done the human thing. Although most humans probably would prefer to think it’s a step before becoming the oh so at the top human being. Actually I wonder if the more choice you have the farther behind you are and that infact being an animal and acting on instinct in the harsh reality of nature is far more akin to enlightenment than sitting there with your legs crossed and thinking about it – am I getting carried away yet? 🙂

    • Tell me about it! I’ve been writing for 5 hours now on dogs shot by police. Just have caught up. It leaves me little time to comment. I’m lucky to still have cat stories fall into my lap.

  3. Even modern intelligent man is taken to being superstitious… Very interesting indeed I enjoyed this and thankfully the kitten was rescued!

    My Mum crossed over to the other side May of 1969 from cancer. Before she died she said if there is reincarnation I want to come back as a cat! 🙂 We had a cat then who was well loved and taken care of so she knew she would be too if she could come back as a cat.

    Love and Light

    • I’m so glad that kitten was eventually rescued, how awful that superstition is still so rife in parts of the world.
      Carol I loved reading about your mum, our late mother had a very close friend Muriel who always said when she died she wanted to come back as a cat, but only to live with us.
      Sadly she did die not that long after and 9 weeks later a little kitten was brought to our door, he had been rescued from a pond, he was in a carrier bag with a brick.
      The boys who brought him said someone had told them we would take him in.
      Our mam was convinced he was Muriel come back to her!

      • Well perhaps Ruth 🙂 however in the mode of reincarnation (don’t know if you believe in that sort of thing or not – I’m a spiritualist and a Pagan etc.) we don’t come back as an animal, but if we were to I would certainly hope we would end up with someone like us… I know we’d have a good home 🙂

        Love and Light

        • I really hope there is not reincarnation, not while there are so many cruel people in the world anyway, because sometimes I wonder how those of us who care can go on living while feeling to be in the wrong place and helpless to stop all the abuse. Sometimes my heart feels too full of the pain and sorrow of animals suffering.

          • ->Ruth… no worries if you ever wish to know more contact me 🙂

            Those that are cruel in this world get it in the end, cruelty is cruelty whether to mankind or helpless animals… unfortunately it is part of balance as awful as it seems to be… I cannot stomach cruel people, I am a gentle soul, HOWEVER I would probably end up jailed if I ever saw a human being (if you wish to call them that) ever be cruel to an animal as I would go ballistic! If you haven’t read my post called Mighty Quinn yet (it’s about my Quentin) I would become the Bobcat you better believe it!

            Hugs darlin’ understand completely about feeling the suffering for animals… all of us here are what are known as Empaths, we feel and go through what they do because we are all very special in ourselves…

            Love and Light

            • Thanks Carol, I try to believe in Karma but it doesn’t seem to happen, although I have a Spiritualist friend who says it will, no matter how long it takes.
              It’s when I hear of yet another animal abused or see another horrific picture, like I saw one the other day of a pile of cats after they had been experimented on and died, it’s another one etched on my brain, I feel I can’t bear another moment on the same planet where people can do such cruel things. yet here I am stuck and feel I am never doing enough but feel helpless to know what else to do!

              • Right off don’t go look at those pictures! That’s torturing you! Why would you wish to do that? We know it happens and what we can do is stand together and protest. Viewing those sort of pictures only enrages us and that is not good for us or productive… it’s almost self sadistic as though we wish to punish ourselves over something we did not do. Please don’t do that Ruth it just hurts you. What we can do is be active against animal cruelty and keep a level head. That is what is best for them and their survival is our protesting, signing petitions and bringing it to the forefront of those who can do something about it.

                Hugs darlin’

              • They come up on my facebook page Carol, from like minded contacts, I try to avoid looking at awful things as I already know they happen but sometimes they come through the post too, wanting more donations, I wish they would targret the people who turn thier backs on suffering, not those of us who already do all we can to stop it 🙁

  4. It is a venerable legend in India(?), that a young girl was punished for some crime committed by her family, by being tied to a tree in the jungle. She was tired and weak and hungry. She was discovered, not by a fellow human being, but by a jungle cat. The tiger stayed with her, brought her food, and slept next to her; fed her milk from her breast.

    What a beautiful tale, at least the way that I remember it!


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