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People of India Prefer Dogs to Cats — 1 Comment

  1. Cats are just as friendly as dogs without question. The main differentce is you have to be just as friendly to them. Whereas a dog will be friendly whether you are or not. I sometimes wonder if the people who think cats are not so friendly are just lazy and not so friendly to the animals themselves. Otherwise they wouldnt think dogs are friendlier right? Thats what I think. Alot of people look at cats as the lazy way to have a pet because of the practicality in the modern world. But my cats follow me around like dogs sometimes or even alot of the time. They want to play fetch etc etc – they are no different to having a dog in the house. Mind you, even if the cat ‘owner’ is lazy, better a cat with a home than a cat killed in a shelter. Cats in that sense probably seem very adaptable to humans. The lazy loving humans think the cat is fine and happy being independent whilst the involved active loving human will have a cat who is very connected and involved. Dogs just need – thats what I think. They need. They may like but first they need need need. I always wonder if they really like me or not or if its just instinct and they dont care if its me or anybody as long as they have a human to follow around and be fed by. I’d say maybe older dogs dont give off that feeling to me – they seem more emotionally developed or something.
    I think India will forever become more westernised while at the same time will remain forever so very India – what a wonderful and magical place – I will never forget my small few years there 🙂

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