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People Smash Animal Gas Chamber With Sledgehammer — 31 Comments

  1. This is one of the most awful and frightening ways to die – those animals in there really were given a few moments of humanities extra special ability to create realities worse than a human’s worst nightmare and certainly worse than anything an animal is capable of thinking or doing.

  2. Absolutely wonderful news. I would have loved to help them with my mallet. But also remembering all the lives lost in the horrible casual killings over the years.

  3. I don’t think many animals in kill shelters are ‘once beloved pets’ at all, maybe a few are, but anyone who relinquishes a pet for a flimsy excuse has never loved that pet and mostly the truth is that it’s inconvenient to have the pet around any longer!
    How anyone can walk away leaving their pet to his/her fate is beyond me!

  4. Awesume and so they should be smashed, no-one should have the right to gas animals at all. I know that this is happening in nz where they gasing dogs. So i hope they put a stop to it. great article by the way.

  5. I do believe once beloved fits a lot of these cats and dogs. I’ve now done around 600 articles on shelter pets alone and sometimes the owner dies or goes into a nursing facility or is simply no longer coherent enough to care for their pet. The family carts the animal off to the shelter where the pet is either adopted, rescued or killed.

    As for smashing things, when I was with my ex I kept a supply of glass jars on hand. If he really angered me I’d throw one at the wall behind his head. Sometimes I go outside and throw them against a hundred year old tree in the back yard. It really helped with my anger issues. I’m much better since my relationship is with cats. I don’t have the anger issues anymore because I stay away from people who piss me off.

  6. Must have been really good smashing that thing up – and they probably still got a good scrap price for the remains! But – “once beloved pets”??? Love dosen’t die. Even if the animals were killed this way because they were incurably suffering, the love would go on. Likewise I don’t believe people “fall out of love”, just that they realise they were only infatuated. You either always love someone – human or animal – or you never did!

    • Good point about the “once beloved pets”. I think this is simply a way of saying things which does not reflect exactly what Elisa meant.

      It is very unusual to see this sort of thing happening. It’s a great way of publicizing, I think, the nasty aspect of animal shelters and it is time that all of these gas chambers were smashed up and then to make further progress by, on a nationwide basis, significantly reducing the number of euthanized shelter cats and dogs.

  7. I’d have loved to be there and swung that sledgehammer!
    I’d also love to take all the declawing vets instruments of torture and throw them in a deep pit, but that wouldn’t even be enough because next I’d love to push those declawing vets into that pit too, along with the person who invented gas chambers and all those who ever used one.

    • LOL!
      I love it when you get like this!

      There’s no reason why we can’t have an imaginary pit where each of us can throw down what we hate. It may do us all a world of good.
      I’ll handle Woody.

      • lol I usually try to keep my hatred under control but now and again it escapes and I just want revenge on those cruel people and can’t help saying so!
        Yes an imaginary pit is a good idea, when we fill it we can start another one.
        You’d need to wear your wellies and waterproofs when handling Woody 😉

        • LOL!
          You hold him while I fold it in half and wrap a rubberband around it.
          Now, before he gets tossed in the declaw pit, followed by the kill shelter pit, he’ll have to be neutered, have his anal glands expressed, and undergo several tooth extractions.

          • lol Dee yes I’m for holding him while you ‘operate’ on him, but ‘fold it in half’ I really don’t think it would be big enough to do that 😉

    • Attagirl! I think I might even do worse than you but unfortunately it would be totally illegal. There is a need for a bit of a revolution in terms of mass cat euthanasia at shelters and de-clawing at veterinary clinics.

  8. I would have been thrilled to be a part of that.
    It would smooth a little of the rage I feel toward kill shelters.
    I’m hoping that, in my lifetime, I can be part of smashing vials of kill drugs, torching “blue rooms”, and bashing cages.

    • Like you, I would find it very therapeutic. I do have a little bit of pent up rage about mass euthanasia as people may have guessed.

  9. Are they confusing carbon dioxide suffocation with carbon monoxide poisoning? Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the less barbaric methods (hence it’s a favoured method for many suicides because of this) as it causes unconsciousness quickly, whereas carbon dioxide is the slower and more distressing, suffocation method.

    • Good point. As I recall, Sarah, gas chambers like this are normally based on carbon dioxide but that is a point that needs to be checked. I have an article on this subject actually.

      The articles that I’ve read about gassing animals at shelters describe the animals in distress which, therefore, must be carbon dioxide poisoning. However, the original source for the article refers to carbon monoxide. I suppose that even if carbon monoxide is used this is still a chamber of death and mass destruction and that single symbol is enough to make it hated by anybody who likes cats or even who likes animals and who disagrees with the mass destruction of companion animals at so-called shelters.

      Another point that comes to mind is that even if the gas is not going to cause a slowish death or a distressing death there is still the distress of placing many animals in a small container and I sense that the animals sense that this is a dangerous place and something dangerous will happen to them which, no doubt, is highly distressing.

  10. Fabulous article and wonderful news. It has put me in the mood to smash up something else, all the things I hate and I hate nothing more than these disgusting animal gas chambers that are in the back rooms of some animal “shelters”.

    It’s one of those mysteries of mankind that places which call themselves shelters for animals have a barbaric instrument of death contained within them which have been used thousands of times to put frightened, lonely and distressed animals through the desperate moments of death.

    Thanks Elisa for finding this news story. It does highlight how hated these devices are and I think it also highlights how hated the ongoing killing of animals at shelters is in the United States. Let’s hope this signifies a slight change towards its ending.

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