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People want to kill this psychopathic witch who cut up animals — 5 Comments

  1. I’m no criminal expert but I think people like this might use witchcraft religion as a pass to torture animals. And isn’t torture is one thing and sacrifice another? Neither of which should be tolerated in modern society. Never should have been. Sometimes I wish I could jump to the future when stuff like this has been so removed from our minds that there’d be no chance of it ever happening again.

  2. How many animals did you condone being crushed to death and buried alive or starved to death (for destroying their only foods) when they built your home, stores, and roads for you and you didn’t even bat an eye?

    • I think that you are mixed up. You don’t understand. Both the point that you make in the point that I make are not good for animals. Of course destroying habitat for wildlife is bad and reduces opportunities for wildlife to live but it is a different kind of animal abuse to the one described in my article. You just seem to be setting one against the other. I don’t like human population growth. I don’t like to see wild animals killed et cetera. You have used a username which indicates an extreme amount of arrogance and ignorance because we are talking about two different subjects both of which are bad for animals. I know that and I don’t need to be told about it by someone as stupid as you.

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