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People who want to exterminate feral cats are ignorant — 9 Comments

  1. I agree. Many years ago the same ignorance caused world catastrophe. People where killing cats left and right since they believed they were the cause of the bubonic plague. In fact the plague was caused from fleas on rats. Ironic how such callous cruelty and ignorance drove away the force that would have helped get rid of those rats.

  2. There is ignorance and there is sheer cruelty, just look what is happening in our country and how ironic it is that some people have the nerve to say that cats decimate birds and wild life.

  3. You should help us get to know you a bit better.

    This might sound a bit strange, but might I ask you what kinds of thoughts, images or music you self-pleasure to?

    • 🙂 I have deleted his comment because he knows that he has to be polite but be can’t manage it. He simply has to insult people all the time and he still expects to get his comments published. Weird.

  4. A poem, especially written for my favorite Troll:

    Come, Kitty, Kitty,
    with fur soft as silk…

    …come and drink
    your nice, poisoned milk!”

    hey – what did you hand out for the kiddies on Halloween?

    (I gave out cans of sardines, as I do every year)

  5. Cats are part of nature`s checks and balances. Without cats many creatures upon which they prey would experience a population explosion. I refer principally to rodents and insects because it has been demonstrated that cats have better things to do than expend lots of energy to catch a ball of feathers with little meat. Agricultural chemicals, loss of habitat, and other birds are the main culprit in any claimed bird losses.
    I suspect that people who advocate the mass killing of feral cats use the smokescreen of bird predation, disease vector, or other pseudo-scientific explanations to give a respectable face to their obsession with harming small animals.

  6. I can think of a name for them and ignorant is too nice. I just have one feral that is coming up now and she has been here 12 years. I am going now to fix a feral house for her to sleep in because it is getting cold now.

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