Pepi My Buddy

Pepi My Buddy

by Delores
(St. Petersburg, Fl)

I rescued Pepi from neighbors of my sisters. She had got him out of a drainage pond that the “owners” kid had thrown him. He had never been inside and did not know what a litter box was.

He killed all my indoor plants. My vet told me he was Maine Coon, not totally but over half.

He ate like it was his last meal. He was about 12 wks old. We already had a 7 month old short hair kitten that was a total love.

He loved to be held and Pepi terrorized “Chester”. We discovered how intelligent Pepi was when my husband said one morning (after about a month of Pepi’s abuse) “if Pepi and Chester do not start getting along, we will have to find another home for Pepi”.

That night when we came home from work, both cats were curled up together on our bed! They became best friends.

Pepi taught himself to use the toilet, he totally loved me as much as I loved him. He would sit on my chest and drool all over me as I petted his cheeks.

My husband said “Pepi died a human and came back as a cat and didn’t make the complete change.”

I had to have Pepi put to sleep 2007 at the age of 14 due to colon cancer. I still miss him and love him. On April 14, my sister had a feral cat give birth to 3 red tabby kittens.

I have one named Cace (kaycee). Cace is part Maine Coon. He is very intelligent and has the M on his forehead as does the 2 other kittens and the mother (who is now an inside cat of my sisters).

His tail is very long and fluffy, he has the tuft ears. I am looking forward to many years with Cace. He isn’t Pepi but he is Cace.



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