by Barbara
(New Smyrna Beach fl)

I got Pepper… a tuxedo Siamese…when she was 5 weeks old for company for my other cat, Misty a tuxedo Himalayan mix. At first I was afraid Misty was playing too “ruff” for Pepper. But Pepper never backed down, in fact I had to give them time outs when Pepper started getting too excited and would bite Misty just a bit too hard.

Pepper is like a squeek toy. Every jump every pounce, almost every thought she has is accompanied by a sound. Misty was never very vocal until Pepper came. Now somehow she believes it is necessary to meow for food.

Pepper never eats more than a bit or two at one sitting, she just wants to play. All the toys belong to Pepper and if Misty or myself get near one she is playing with she growls holding the toy in her mouth. And when she is finished playing with the toy she hides it.Sometimes she gets the toy some place she cannot reach.

She will come and cry to me and then run to where she was playing repeatedly until I come and find her toy. Anything could be a toy if she can carry it. Once she grabbed my cell phone off the night stand by the carring cord, pounced onto my bed and running across it in a prancing manor like she she just scored big.

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Pepper came by playing fetch naturally and will play longer than most cats I have ever seen. One of the funniest things Pepper does is sticking her arm in every hole she passes. It is as if she just has to feel in there for something! One of Pepper and Misty’s favorite toys is a cardboard box with small holes cut into it. Misty will go in the box and Pepper will lay on top and reach as far as she can into the box to try and reach Misty.

Pepper is not much of a lap cat yet…at five months now. But when its time for bed she’s right there. Sometimes I get a big laugh watching her sound asleep as she twirls all over the place and sometimes she falls off the bed.

She lets out a cry and I call her back to bed pat her head and she goes back to sleep. Pepper and Misty are waiting for me by the front door every morning when I get off work. I pick each one up and tell them how good they were and how much I love them…. and then it’s time for breakfast.



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Feb 24, 2010
Happy cats
by: Ruth

Hi Barbara, I loved reading about Misty and Pepper, never a dull moment in your house lol
I would love to see some photos of them both.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 24, 2010
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing your Pepper and Misty experiences. The love you have for them springs from the page. And it made me smile.

I have a question. Is Pepper an Oriental Shorthair? Siamese cats cannot be tuxedo (black with a white locket or chest) but Orientals probably can.

Or is Pepper a Siamese mix? Or perhaps a Snowshoe? Just interested. If you have a picture that would be great. Just email it to me at:

substituting at for @

Michael Avatar

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