PERFECT PAWS – a poem by Jozef

Cat's claws are beautiful and functional
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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I’d like to share my little ditty
About the claws upon this kitty.
How they’re anchored in my toes
And real important, like my nose.
I use them many times each day
From where they’re neatly tucked away.
I need my claws to keep me fit,
To walk and groom and play a bit.
To climb and balance up above,
To hold a finger and show my love.
Ten at the front and eight at the back,
They are sometimes needed to attack.
Self defence is their role you see
When something hurts or threatens me.
Countries where vets take cats claws
Must have no pet welfare laws.

By Jozef the feline poet
(With the help of Ruth aka Kattaddorra)

Does anyone else have a feline Poet who cares about every cats claws? See some more cat poems.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

52 thoughts on “PERFECT PAWS – a poem by Jozef”

  1. Loved the poem Jozef you are so clever!! A cat with many talents indeed!! A wonderful amusing way to illustrate a very important subject though. Nice work 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed this page – sadly after the fact. I try to spend my whole weekend away from the computer and with the cats, especially Gigi. This is helped by the fact my keyboard at home is awful so I couldn’t type a long comment anyway. It’s working, Gigi seems to be getting a little better.

    • It’s more important to spend time with Gigi, I’m so glad she’s a bit better.
      I’m so lucky to be retired and have time to spend on PoC as well as lots of quality time with our boyz. It was very difficult in the past when I was at work long hours so I do sympathise with you.

      • Thanks Ruth and Michael – if only people around me understood that lol. Yes Gigi right now is my priority during the time I have available to me outside of work.

        I can tell you that Monday morning is always a bit sad – I don’t like to leave after having a nice weekend with them. Sometimes I think I should just call in sick and enjoy another day with them 🙂

    • Monty is more tolerant of my typing on the computer now that he can sit right above me while I’m doing it. The other day he dropped his stuffed penguin on my head while I was working at the computer.

        • Sometimes he won’t allow us to be in a different room. He meows to call us into the back room with him. He wants to be up there but he doesn’t want to be alone. Yesterday he was racing around up there, he actually startled me while I was entering grades in the computer. I kind of forgot he was up there. All the hardware seems to be holding up well, and I like that Jeff added an extra safety cable under all the bridges just in case. He really races around up there sometimes!

      • Just hope that he himself doesn’t land on your head. I had a cat one time that rolled of the headcoard of my bed while we were both asleep. She landed right on my face. I had a black eye for a while.

        • I was worried about that the other day– he had that gleam in his eye as I passed under him. But so far he hasn’t pounced on anyone’s head. He did jump from his bridge onto the top of the computer desk, explored a bit there, and jumped back up to his bridge.

    • Ofcourse your cats take priority.
      You are always missed when gone, but many of us know what it’s like to juggle a job and life with cats. Very tough.

      • Thanks Dee 🙂 – Sadly I work until 6 or 630 usually and I go to bed early so I haven’t much time with them. I wish I finished at 5 on the dot because that extra hour and a half would really help. As it is I don’t get home til 7 and I am in bed at around 9 or 930.

        ….and that’s why I feel I must really spend the whole weekend with Gigi these days – because during the week there’s no way near enough time to work with her issues. I’m trying my best 🙂 I look forward to getting home in a few hours to play with them.


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