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You are looking for Perfect Pet Insurance reviews? Well, you could do worse than check out this story on the Daily Record website about a cat called Ollie. In my honest opinion, it looks very much like the insurer is wriggling out of paying up. Heard that before? I am sure you have. Here is the story in summary.

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Ollie was (sadly, he was euthanised) a beautiful tabby-and-white longhaired random bred cat. His veterinary treatment was insured, by Alison Pollock, with Perfect Pet Insurance under their ‘elite extra policy’ – sounds like a top of the range, no quibbles policy. The cost: £118 per year. It covered a bill up to £4000.

Ollie became unwell and was diagnosed with pancreatitis. He was treated at the University of Glasgow Small Animal Hospital. He was running a temperature and dehydrated.

The vets submitted two claims on Oct 12 2018 by email to the insurer. Alison checked on the claim and the insurer said that they were awaiting the cat’s vet history but Alison said they already had it. Then they said they were assessing the claim.

On Oct 27 they accepted the claim. On Jan 30 they rejected it. They said they needed a paper claim (hard copy) within 90 days of treatment and had failed to receive one.

They had never mentioned this before and had paid two amounts of £93 and £106 to Alison’s bank account which undermines their argument that they needed a paper claim. Comment: also the veterinarians would not have sent an email claim if a paper (hard copy) was required and in any case what’s the difference?

Alison is still fighting Perfect Pet Insurance (not so perfect) and she is awaiting a change of heart from them. The press coverage may well do the trick.

Further comment: I sense, and any normal person would feel, that the insurer is playing games to avoid paying up, which is pretty much par for the course for many large claims by some insurers.

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