Performing abortions when spaying female feral cats. Discuss.

Seattle, USA: On Facebook the people at Feral Cat Assistance & Trapping (F.C.A.T.) tell the world that they were annoyed at a feral cat caretaker (of what I presume is a colony of feral cats) because she was stupid enough last year in not ensuring that female cats were spayed and the litters aborted at the same time. The Facebook post is self-explanatory and set out in full below:

Aborting trapped feral cats
Aborting trapped feral cats
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As you can see, on the 8th February 2019, they trapped 13 cats and killed 23 unborn kittens in the process (spay/abortion). I know this is a controversial subject (as it is for humans) but is there not a better way to save lives? They killed twice as many as they saved that day. I had believed that cat rescue was about saving lives and that there is always a demand for kittens so why weren’t they given the chance to live?

Not only are the rescuers participating in this, it is also the veterinarians who took an oath to save lives who are performing the operations. It is strange to me that the rescuers insult someone who does not abort pregnant cats because it seems to me they are trying to save the lives of unborn kittens.

Here is the original post on FB. This is embedded from Facebook – it may disappear:

So I started trapping at site starting last Sunday. My friend who volunteered to trap all week in the freezing cold. We…

Posted by Feral Cat Assistance & Trapping (F.C.A.T.) on Friday, February 8, 2019

I’d appreciate hearing the thoughts of visitors. What is the usual protocol when spaying female cats? And if abortions are performed what is the justification? I note that F.C.A.T. aborted the kittens because the mother would struggle to cope in the cold weather. But is there a better way in fostering the kittens and finding them homes or is this a question of a lack of resources?

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5 thoughts on “Performing abortions when spaying female feral cats. Discuss.”

  1. I do not agree with feral cat fetus abortions unless the pregnancy endangers the mother cat. To me this practice is cruel and unnecessary. 😥😥


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