Permanent jewelry bracelet for you and your pet

Permanent jewelry is trending. Here is an example for you and your pet (dog or cat). But – typical of me – I have doubts about it from the standpoint of pet safety and viability. Is a pet going to accept it? Will a dog try and eat it? Will a cat bite it and swallow parts of it? Am I being unduly negative?

Permanent jewelry is what it says on the tin: the bracelet or other item is welded into place. There are no clasps. In this instance the bracelet is fixed in position until it is broken off. But it is popular according the guys and girls who know about these things. I can’t see the dog bracelet below staying on 🐶. Is that just me?

Permanent jewelry for pets
Permanent jewelry for pets. Screenshot.
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Here is a video from TikTok on ‘Get Welded Pet Experience’. Or ‘get welded with your true bestie’. Your cat or dog companion.

Response to the video: ‘Omg I need this 🥰’ – like I said the stuff is popular.


Get Welded Pet Experience 🐶✨ Introduced the pet experience where you can get matching permanent jewellery with your furry friends unlocking a closer bond 🫶🏼 Will you bring your cat or dog to get welded together? * April Fools ⚡️ No dogs were harmed in the making of this content and were not actually given a welded bracelet. They were given lots of attention and a few treats for being such good actors. #aprilfools #getwelded #permanentjewellery #weldedbracelet

♬ Evergreen – Richy Mitch & the Coal Miners
Don’t forget that these sorts of videos can have a short shelf-life as they are embedded in this site with code. If the video is deleted at source, kaput; it disappears here. 😢😹

Permanent jewelry refers to pieces like bracelets or necklaces that are welded together directly on your body, without clasps, making them ‘permanent’ in the sense that they can’t be taken off easily. It’s trending because it takes the concept of friendship bracelets to a more grown-up level, often involving rituals among friends or family members. The trend has gained momentum for its symbolism of lasting bonds and commitment.

Permanent jewelry is more than just a fashion statement; it carries significant meaning for those who wear it. It can symbolize personal milestones, serve as a constant reminder of something meaningful, or represent an enduring commitment and relationship. It’s seen as an expression of individuality, eternity, and personal identity, often marking special moments or cherished memories.

Permanent jewelry often carries profound cultural significance. It can represent rites of passage, religious beliefs, or tribal affiliations. In some cultures, specific piercings or tattoos are integral to identity and heritage, serving as visual markers of one’s background. The modern trend of permanent jewelry draws from these historical and cultural practices, adding a deeper layer of meaning to the pieces.

The ritual of getting permanent jewelry typically starts with selecting a custom-fit length of metal chain, which can become a bracelet, anklet, necklace, or ring. Bracelets are particularly popular for this. The chosen piece is then professionally fused onto the person’s body in a process that is painless, as the welding does not touch the skin. This ritual often takes place in a special setting and can be a bonding experience among friends or family members who choose to get permanent jewelry together as a symbol of their connection.

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  1. Yes, permanent jewelry is absolutely still trending. In fact, interest has grown significantly over the past year. Here are some details:

    Searches for permanent jewelry have jumped by over 100% in the last year.

    Current monthly searches are around 42,000, which shows continued interest.

    This trend goes beyond just looking stylish. People are attracted to the sentimental value of permanent jewelry, as it can represent special moments or loved ones.


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