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Persian cat “Bonnie”: Rescued from a cat breeder — 9 Comments

  1. The people who breed cats like this should move to Romania – at least there they wouldn’t look so bad.

    Sorry for being so cynical – I just don’t think Romania and Bulgaria should not be a part of Europe until they can live up to northern European standards of animal welfare.

    • Agreed. The Eurocrats, more of less, ignore animal welfare when deciding if a country should join the EU. They say a prospective country should meet certain minimum standards that match, to an extent, European standards but then almost ignore animal welfare which tells you about the mentality of the unelected Eurocrats. Romania and Bulgaria are probably 20 years behind the old European countries in respect of animal welfare.

      There is a European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals. I believe there is Declaration on Animal Rights but they don’t seem to be enforced. Take the Persian cat. They appear to be window dressing. The Eurocrats are too keen to expand Europe – expand the extent of their power – to be overly concerned about animals which are well down the list of priorities.

  2. Bonnie was such a darling – she always looked grumpy but u couldn’t have met a ffriendlier cat – when she saw u come into the centre she would immediately get up and start meowing at u for a cuddle – she is very much missed at Ark on the edge by pat and me and all the volunteers and even visitors as she was part of the furniture xxx

  3. Poor Bonnie what a dreadful 10 years of her life she had and I’m so glad the rest of it was with you Pat so she knew what love and care meant.
    Breeders make me sick it’s all about money and they know full well that for every kitten they sell for a large sum of money it will deprive an ordinary moggie of a home.
    No they don’t love cats they only love money 🙁

  4. Oh that poor, poor cat, what she must have endured in her first 10 years of life, no wonder she was full of hell when she first came to you, but your kindness and good care paid off eventually and she had a lot of happy years with you, bless her she was an old lady when she died and yes it must have been a sort of mixture of relief that she had chosen her own time to go but also heartache that such a brave girl who you had obviously come to love such a lot was finally gone, each cat leaves a huge and unique gap in our lives when they go. Having read about the awful way she was used I can’t see that breeders like the person who had her can be cat lovers, they are just business people making and selling a commodity. How cruel they are. I agree with he above comments, you’re a special lady Pat.

  5. OMG Pat I’m sat here crying! that first picture of her she looks sad and angry all at the same time 🙁 I can’t imagine how she has survived those first 10 years the breeders are nothig short of evil monsters but what scares me is that they could easily move on and do this elsewhere despite the ban after all how is this policed? Do they for example have to report regularly to the police? Do they get checked regularly to ensure they have no animals?

    I have to say I also blame the people who buy these kittens. How many times do you see with puppies don’t buy unless you can see both parents and see them all together and
    happy and healthy in a natural enviroment. The same applies to kittens!! I feel so sad for this girl in her early years but I’m so glad her life became happy because of you. pat you are caring, compassionate and one in a million.

  6. Such a bittersweet story Pat, a sad beginning, a happy middle, then a sad but happy in a way ending when Bonnie died much loved, in your arms. It must have broken your heart but I also understand the relief you must have felt that you hadn’t made the decision for her, she chose her own time just like our very old cat Ebony did.
    I hate breeders who look upon their cats as money making machines and hate even more those who neglect their cats like Bonnie’s breeder did, I’m glad they were fined and banned!
    R.I.P Bonnie and thank you Pat for all the good work you do at the Ark, you and your volunteers are unsung heros.
    What happened about your weather damage? I hope it wasn’t too much of a drain on your funds putting things right.

  7. Hi Pat, I loved this article even though it was sad (at the beginning). It finished well, though. Thank you Pat for telling us the story of Bonnie. She lived long and had a decent second half to her life. It is shocking when I read about cat breeders treating pedigree cats like this. I read a similar story about Persian breeding cats in America.

    I believe that the vast majority of cat breeders treat their cats at least fairly well BUT they have to put them in cages and outside because they are unneutered. The males are impossible as domestic cats as they spray and are looking to mate etc.

    On the basis that breeding cats are kept in cages most of their lives it means that as a hobby business it is completely unacceptable to me particularly when there are many so called unwanted healthy cats in shelters.

    When the fact that they are caged is compounded by neglect and downright abuse, cat breeding becomes a monstrous human folly.

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