Persian cat breathes through mouth in statuesque poses

The cat mannequin challenge or the frozen Persian cat who looks stuffed. Bizarre comes to mind.

The person who made the video shouldn’t be too to proud about it if she/he is the cat’s owner. Okay, it is a question of taste when it comes to putting clothes on cats. But this is a purebred Persian who has been bred to extreme whereby he cannot breathe properly through his nose because the anatomy in that part of his is so dramatically altered to create the flat face that the nose does not work properly anymore. And he sticks his tongue out too.

This cat will probably have the usual Persian cat health problems inclusing tear duct overflow and kidney cysts. What is rather chilling is the statuesque behavior of the cat. This may in part be due to the way the video has been made but another reason could be because he is very inactive due to poor breathing. Persians are inactive anyway.

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