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Black Torbie and White Persian - photo copyright Helmi Flick - please respect it.

A reasonable number of people search for Persian cat breeders in Ohio. I find it can be a bit difficult to quickly lay your hands on this sort of information on the internet as it is quite scattered. In fact it can be a trial! This post is intended to bring the information together. This list is dated April 2010 - things change.

Here is my list! Links to websites open in a new tab or page.

Cattery: Pelaqita Persians
Owner: Susan MacArthur
Address: 10043 New Salem Road NE, Pleasantville, OH 43148

Cattery: Mauarista
Owner: Judy Rautio
Address: Beavercreek, OH 45432, USA
No website
Contact: email:

Cattery: Purrziale Persians
Owner: Cindi Theodore (this is a guess - sorry)
Address: located just outside of Cleveland, OH.

Cattery: KimKats
Owner: Kim Richmond
Address: ? - please search the website or email Kim as I cannot find a address or anything resembling it on the site.

Cattery: Meadowpurrs
Owner: Brenda Whyde-Parrish
Address: just south of Grove City, Ohio.
I recommend this cattery from what I can see on their website.

Cattery: Perfect Kitty Cattery
Owner: Sue & Katie Hollis
Location: NE Ohio

Cattery: Purrshinka
Owner: Stephanie Ujhelyi
Address: Youngstown, Ohio

Cattery: Salvaggio
Owner: Denise
Location: about an hour and a half south of Cleveland

Cattery: Penobscot
Owner: Ginger Gunlock
Location: Dayton/Cincinnati area
Breed Burmese and Persian

Cattery: Fleurelaine
Owner: Elaine Crews
Location: Pataskala

Cattery: Linrenay
Owner: Linda Borland
Location: Sidney, Ohio

Cattery: Choc-O-lotta
Owner: Renata Bennett
Location: Dayton SW Ohio

OK that is it. I can confirm that it took me about a hour to compile this list. TICA had no listed breeders and the CFA listed two. ACFA listed none. I could not find an American Persian cat club. In short it was an uphill struggle!

Hope this page helps someone. Although I don't claim that it is complete. Suprisingly Persian cat breeders in Ohio are difficult to find on the internet.

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Aug 05, 2010 other Ohio breeders
by: Anonymous

Here is a link to other Ohio Breeders:

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