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  1. Hello there!

    This is Mela and I am a certified photographer.

    I was surprised, frankly speaking, when I found my images at your web-site. If you use a copyrighted image without an owner’s consent, you’d better know that you could be sued by the owner.

    It’s unlawful to use stolen images and it’s so wicked!

    Here is this document with the links to my images you used at pictures-of-cats.org and my earlier publications to obtain the evidence of my copyrights.

    Download it right now and check this out for yourself:


    If you don’t delete the images mentioned in the file above within the next couple of days, I’ll file a complaint against you to your hosting provider informing them that my copyrights have been severely infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property.

    And if it doesn’t work, for damn sure I am going to report and sue you! And you won’t receive the second notice from me.

    • The link you have provided is dead. If I have used a genuinely copyrighted image I will either pay for it or remove it and apologise. Please tell me where these images are on my site. Thanks in advance.

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