Persian Cat for sale — Mumbai

Persian Cat for sale — Mumbai

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Persian Cat for sale — Mumbai

I am fascinated with the sale of Persian cats in Mumbai, India. It is probably because it is an unknown market for people in the west (primarily America and Europe) who are involved in the cat fancy or cat world. It is a market place that is developing it seems to me.

I hope my internet pen pal, Rudolph, will forgive me for writing about this. It is not meant as a criticism; more an observation. And I am open to being corrected.

There are a lot of Persian cats for sale in the internet, on a very successful Indian seller-meets-buyer website:

The cat above, in the picture, is a said to be a flat-faced Persian cat for sale. The advertiser says that the fur has been trimmed and it was more bushy.

The advertiser's phone number is -- Phone: 9819702903

What do you think; the public?

Look at this cat..What do you think when you see this cat? I think: unhappy cat. I see a neglected cat with a coat in poor condition that is dirty and a cat with tear staining, which is typical of the Persian. Tear staining is the dark fur below the eyes where tears overspill the tear ducts because the tear ducts are not able to carry away the tears adequately due to being deformed. Eyes are constantly producing liquid to keep the eyes lubricated. We don't notice normally, until the liquid cannot be drained away properly.

Technically, this is not a flat-faced Persian, either. This is a doll face or traditional Persian cat.

The asking price is RS15,000. In USD that is $290. In sterling (GBP) it is: £182. That is about half the price that is asked in America and Europe but a lot of money in India - probably several months salary for some people. The advertiser has done almost nothing to convince the buyer that he is doing the right thing.

In addition this cat is not registered so there is no evidence that the cat is purebred.

My advice to Indians living in Mumbai, who wish to buy a purebred cat, is to try and find a really caring and sensible breeder who thinks about the cats' welfare first and foremost. Also to know that technically these are not Persian cats.

Ironically, however, they are probably more purebred than the American Persian cats. The American Persian has been selectively bred away from its origins. India is near the source of the original Persian cat.

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Persian Cat for sale — Mumbai

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Apr 18, 2012 Persian cat for sale- Mumbai
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Hi Michael,the "Traditional Persian cat" specimen that you have projected on your website is definitely from a "cat mill factory" in India.Rampant breeding of "Doll faced(Traditional Persian Cats)" is sadly becoming a trend in India.Compare this poor kitten to my cats, both bred in India and see the difference.There are some good cat breeders in India but sadly no Indian bred cat is recognized as we don't have a "Pedigree Cat club" in India and seems none of the cat breeders amd owners are interested in starting a 'Cat Club".I had personally done a lot of "P.R.O" work on the internet to starting a cat club affiliated to "T.I.C.A" but till date there seems to be no activity regarding establishing a "Pedigree cat club" in India.Strangely, "Dog Clubs" exist in almost every major Indian city and "Dog Shows" are a common feature in any large indian city.In recent years, cat ownership has gained popularity in India and the same can be estimated by the price quoted for the specimen shown on this blog, definitely, a poor specimen of its breed and yet selling at Rs 15,000!The earlier a "Cat Club" is started in India the better will be the quality and standard of cats bred by breeders.I bred my Queen cat matahari only once and have documented the entire life-cycle of her kittens in video format and photographs for the benifit of breeders or cat fanciers.I hope to show my cats in a "Cat Club competition" in india during my life-time as i did with my dachshund bitch which one numerous prizes at the Mumbai Dog shows in the 1980/90's.

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