Persian Cat Rescue UK – where to get a rescued Persian cat 2022

This is an updated and refreshed page which was first written about 15 years ago! Yep, a long time and things change like rescue groups ceasing operations which is why it needed to be updated. I have kept all the previous listings out of archival interest. The listed below is mainly in the form of a table. It looks a bit messy because it has been updated. A lot of the Persian cat rescue organisations have changed and updated their websites which meant that in a lot of the cases the links to the previous websites were broken. I have repaired these links. And some of these organisations have opened up on Facebook as well so I have added links to those pages.

Persian cat rescue
Persian cat rescue. Image: MikeB. This is a photo-edited image as you might have guessed.
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A point to make about Persian cat rescue is this: as there are very few Persian cats that need rescuing, my understanding is that these organisations also rescue non-purebred cats, but they are starting point and if you want to adopt a Persian cat but can’t afford to purchase one as they are quite expensive, you might approach these organisations and make enquiries.

In addition to saving money, there is a great reward in rescuing a cat. I think the bond between human and rescue cat can end up stronger than between a purchased purebred cat and their owner.

This list was first made in around 2008 to which I can now (2022) add: Strawberry Persian Pedigree Cat Rescue UK. They say this: “We have no rescue centre – cats are in fosterers own homes being cared for and assessed in Worcs/West Midlands / Greater London or Durham areas, for taking in and rehoming Persian and pedigree cats in England/Wales”. Click this link to go to their Facebook page. They also have their own website: Click here.

Persian rescue Scotland may interest some. They are based on Facebook. Click here to see their webpage.

Below are the original listings with amendments and new links to their websites or Facebook pages.

Read about and see the best photographs of Persians generally (with links): a white Traditional Persian, a ginger Traditional Persian, the transformation of the Persian cat, the history, Ultra Persian cats by clicking on the links. Go to Persian cat rescue for USA.
Location – UKOrganization and comments
St. Francis Persian Rescue and they have opened on Facebook! Link: (20+) St Francis Persian Cat Rescue | FacebookThis rescue centre comes up first in a Google search listing. I think it is well established. They are located in the Bedale area of North Yorkshire. They re-home Persians and other long-haired breeds. I am not sure if that means mixed breed cats too. It probably does. Pauline Wright started this Persian Cat rescue UK centre in 1988 and has kept going. I for one applaud Pauline tremendously for staying the course. Their adoption fee is usually £150. They insist that if the adoption doesn’t work out the cat is returned to them – the sign of a really caring and proper approach.
Chapel House Persian & Pedigree Cat Rescue

This website has closed, and I presume therefore so has the organisation.

This is another well established and professional Persian cat rescue UK center. They have a good website and a purposeful approach selling products to help support the heavy costs of a well-run rescue centre. They are located in Swythamley, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 0SN. This is actually in the Peak District, a beautiful area of the country. If you’re going to pick up a cat you might combine it with a short break. They have strict criteria for the acceptance of applications for adoption and generally find that the most suitable people are over 45 years of age who are well settled and stay at home people. This is all very sensible as cats need that kind of stability, routine and company to be content. 
Tremarie Persians Chinchillas & Selkirk RexLink is broken as at Dec. 30th 2010. This is (was?) a cat breeder who also, when required, gets involved in the re-homing of cats. That is my reading of the situation from their website. They are located in Cornwall, Southwest England. The link may re-establish itself in due course. Just Google, “Tremarie Persians”.
Persian Rescue Bristol

The website has closed as has the organisation I believe.

This is a small Persian cat rescue UK center located in Bristol. At any one time they have no more than 8 cats at the center. The center is run by Isabel and Keith.
London Persian Rescue

This is still running in 2022. Well done indeed.

Another well-established Persian cat rescue UK centre located in Fair Street, near Tower Bridge so it is very central. Full address: c/o Barbara Black, 58 St John’s Estate, Fair Street, Tower Bridge, London, SE1 2XE. They take in cats from all over the country and breeders as well. 
Rusden Persian Rescue

Website is closed as is the organisation (presumed).

This Persian cat rescue UK organization is located in Rusden, Northamptonshire. They carry out a home visit of the prospective adopter before the person decides which cat to adopt. This would probably mean that you should not live too far from the centre. The operation was founded in January 2007 by Patsy – well done Patsy and helpers. They re-home purebred and mixed breed Persians.
Chinchilla, Silver Tabby & Smoke Cat Society

No website. Closed. BUT there is Chinchilla Persian Rescue, and they have a website. Click this link.

This is a cat club that also helps in the area of cat rescue. Adoption fees are in the order of £70-90. The type of Persian breed that they offer for adoption is as described in the title of the club. This is a society with history as it was established in 1908. They are a founder member of the premier cat association in the UK, the GCCF.
Posh Puss Rescue – link broken 2012.This rescue operation is an individual effort, it seems, by Jan Jewell who started it in 2006. She takes in pedigree cats so this is not a Persian cat rescue UK center per se. But I am sure some Persian cats come her way. She makes the point that most of the Persians she has had to re-home have come to her matted. Persians are high maintenance. If you think that you can’t cope, then don’t do it obviously. Adopting is for the benefit of the cat (and a reward for you). She is based in Porthleven, Cornwall apparently.

Update Oct 2008: I am not sure if Jan is still in the Persian cat rescue UK business, but I’ll leave the link just in case.

Update 5th May 2010: Jan says that “I still rescue Persians amongst other breeds.” The link has been updated.

Cats ProtectionCats Protection is not a breed specific cat rescue organisation, but it is big and very well established. That presents the possibility of the occasional purebred Persian cat passing through the organisation. They were formed in 1927 and have up to 7,000 cats in their care at any one time – the biggest cat welfare charity in the UK. Cats for re-homing are fostered into volunteers’ homes and the organisation has branches throughout the UK. They operate nationwide. They have 29 adoption centers.
You might like to explore a page on this site dedicated to purebred cat rescue.
Persian Cat Rescue UK to Persian Cat Rescue

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