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Persian cat snoring into a voice-changing microphone amuses

Persian cat snoring into a mic. Screenshot.

This made me laugh (quietly). I never laugh loudly. I think it’s the woman’s giggle which is infectious (it sounds like a woman). It is a video prank but I think it is fine. We can’t be too serious. This ginger tabby modern-looking Persian (flattened face – ‘punch face’ in the lingo of Indian citizens) is a snorer. And Mr Gold is his guardian, we are told.

“He’s 10-years-old, likes to sleep so much and every time he sleeps he snores loudly,” – Mr Gold

Mr Gold was trying to work but became distracted by the snoring so decided to give up on the work and record the snoring instead with a voice-changing microphone. Good idea. It makes a fun video.

P.S. Briefly – a serious question; the cat is a chronic snorer. Is this because of his flattened face? They have breathing problems so that squares up with a snoring problem.

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