Persian Cat Turned Grey Through Stress?

by Jenny
(Mijdrecht, Holland)

I agreed to take over a Persian of 9 months old.

The owner had 2 Persians who didn’t get on so the youngest had been living in the bedroom for 3 months, too scared to come downstairs.

When the lady arrived and let her Persian out of the basket I saw a grey cat who at once hid under the settee. He looked more like 19 years old than 9 months.

As his owner had driven for 90 minutes I agreed to take him – with a lot of misgivings!

Three years later Zeus is as black as night, plays with my other 2 Persians and visits all the neighbours making up for his “bedroom” time.

Has anyone else heard of a cat becoming grey through stress?? I checked Zeus’s pedigree papers and he was indeed 9 months old when I got him.


Hi Jenny… this is absolutely the first time that I have read about a cat that turned grey at a young age and then back to black!

This seems extraodinary. And you believe it was due to stress, which seems to be the only reasonable reason.

I would be surprised if anyone else has heard of this before but would welcome some comments.

Thanks for sharing Jenny.

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Persian Cat Turned Grey Through Stress?

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Apr 26, 2011 Turned grey
by: Jenny

Thanks for all the input. My Persian was nearly a year old when I got him so I don’t really think it was a question of a normal colouration. That is kitten to adult. He was perfectly heathy and came from a town environment – no change in water that I can see.
He was scared and timid when I got him and now goes round the neighbourhood visiting anyone who will stroke him. I still put it down to stress.

Apr 25, 2011 Black cat turned Grey
by: Irene

I have a black persian cat (Coco) he is nearly 8yrs old and he has gone grey over these last few months. He is happy enough and eating well.

The only thing that it could be is that we got a persian kitten from a breeder but the cat had ringworm, we all got it but the Coco and myself got a terrible rash which was very itchy. He ended up having antibiotics and I had fungal infection tablets. We all got over it ok but poor Coco has gone grey.

Jan 09, 2011 stress
by: Anonymous

my mom has a beautiful orange persian since akitten than she had to give him to my sister who has two cats of her own. her two have claws and the persian doesn’t. when i whent to visit my sister i noticed that my moms persia had turned compleatly gray all over his back.

Sep 28, 2010 Thanks Anonymous
by: Michael

Thank you Mr or Ms Anonymous for your good advice. It is the first time I have heard that.

Michael Avatar

Sep 27, 2010 Normal for black Persians
by: Anonymous

Many black persians START life with a very dull “off” black color (in other words grayish) and slowly turn very black by maturity.

Your cat seems to have followed the normal pattern for a black Persian.


Sep 26, 2010 Water
by: Joyce Sammons

I wouldn’t doubt a cat could turn grey from stress. I had a Maine Coon many years ago that changed color from the drinking water. I had lived in the country where the cats drank fresh well water. When I moved to the city we were on city water with all of its additives. My grey Maine Coon turned brown in about 6 months. When I moved back to the country years later and went back to well water the fur changed from brown back to grey. Makes you wonder what’s in the public water system these days. I now invest in filters.

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