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Persian Cats Need Combing. Here’s an example why. — 7 Comments

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  5. Poor Patrick. That matted fur must have been painful and would have seriously restricted his physical ability to fend for himself through hunting. Surprised that a pedigree cat wasn’t microchipped. The owners couldn’t have been concerned about him getting lost or stolen.

    I’m confident the RSPCA will have no problems finding him a good owner, who has experience dealing with the high maintenance Persian coat.

  6. I’ve seen a Persian at the groomer’s with fur just like this. He was being shaved, and they said the owner never combs or brushes him, just brings him in to be shaved!

    My cat may be part Persian, with her long fur. She gets combed and brushed daily. It’s as routine as feeding her, and is a great time to bond. Many times she falls asleep in my arms while I do her tummy.

    I couldn’t post her image….

  7. Yes Michael we have seen this before with poor Gonzo and Nigel full blooded declawed Persian 3 years old tossed in the fields from a car! You can see his story and photos on Friends for Life Cat Adoption FB page! SHAME!

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