Persian Cats Need Combing. Here’s an example why.

Persian cat with matted fur
Poor Patrick with chronically matted fur. Photo: RSPCA.
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There could not be a worse example of neglect by a Persian cat owner in respect a cat’s coat. Although the story is that the cat was abandoned (I don’t think they are sure of this). How can anyone abandon a Persian cat? I say that because normally people who buy a purebred cat do so with some idea of what they want and with commitment. Perhaps I am being stupid. Purebred cat buyers are no better than people who adopt from shelters and probably worse sometimes. That’s probably the truth.

This Persian has been named Patrick. His fur was so matted he couldn’t walk properly – just waddle like a penguin. He was found in Ipswich, Suffolk (east coast of England to international visitors). The RSPCA have taken charge of him and shaved the matts off and treated him for fleas.

Patrick was riddled with parasites unsurprisingly as his heavily matted coat was an ideal habitat for parasites.

The RSPCA are trying to find his owner. They don’t know if he just wandered off or was thrown out. My guess is that he was so neglected that he wandered around the place a lot and was not truly abandoned but semi-abandoned through neglect if that is a fair description.

Persian cats have inordinately long fur and arguably fur that is too long and unnaturally long because they are reliant upon humans to keep their coat in good condition by daily grooming. For me that can’t be right. Their coats are super long because of decades of selective breeding for appearance with little thought given to health.

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7 thoughts on “Persian Cats Need Combing. Here’s an example why.”

  1. Poor Patrick. That matted fur must have been painful and would have seriously restricted his physical ability to fend for himself through hunting. Surprised that a pedigree cat wasn’t microchipped. The owners couldn’t have been concerned about him getting lost or stolen.

    I’m confident the RSPCA will have no problems finding him a good owner, who has experience dealing with the high maintenance Persian coat.

  2. Sandra Murphey, No. CA, USA

    I’ve seen a Persian at the groomer’s with fur just like this. He was being shaved, and they said the owner never combs or brushes him, just brings him in to be shaved!

    My cat may be part Persian, with her long fur. She gets combed and brushed daily. It’s as routine as feeding her, and is a great time to bond. Many times she falls asleep in my arms while I do her tummy.

    I couldn’t post her image….

  3. Yes Michael we have seen this before with poor Gonzo and Nigel full blooded declawed Persian 3 years old tossed in the fields from a car! You can see his story and photos on Friends for Life Cat Adoption FB page! SHAME!

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