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Persian Cats — 7 Comments

  1. What a wonderful article! I just love the traditional faced persians, they are so beautiful. I find the very extreme cats to look very sad and almost deformed. They look to me like deformed white tigers I’ve seen, which were inbred. I would love to see doll face persians in cat shows again. Thank goodness some breeders still breed the traditional look.

    • Thanks. I completely agree that the flat-faced Persians look far less attractive than the traditional Persian and yet the breeders decided the smushed face looks better which is why they bred them. It is bizarre to me.

  2. Rocky Mountain Persians is not longer on-line.
    Kasiakatz is no longer breeding.
    Cozy Kittens has opened under a new name due to law-suits filed against them by several of their kitten buyers (which you can find on-line, including Better Business Bureau complaints) and they are a kitten mill.

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