Persian nose problems

by Lottie

I have an Exotic Persian who has really bad problems with her nose and ducts.

It is breaking my heart to watch her try and eat! so much so I hand feed her.

Her nostrils are so low to her face that when she tries to eat from a dish she snuffles and sneezes.

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I have tried every dish going but it is still the same,in the end she gives up and wont eat so I hand feed her with dry food.

As for her eyes I have to wash them 2 or 3 times a day otherwise all the brown goo crusts on her eyes.

Please, you breeders stop this thing with the position of the nose it may be okay for you and your shows but not for the cat.

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persian nose problems

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Jan 30, 2012 nose problems NEW
by: chuzzlewits mom

Thank you for the comment, I have started using a pure saline spray twice a week and this has really helped him, I have 2 other persians and they never really had the problem. But he is good! I don’t want to cause him any extra surgery if I don’t have too, as always I wash his face twice a day as I do the others and they are all happy, my other persian (not an exotic) will be 18 years old tomorrow so I think I am doing something right! I love them all,

ps – my vet loves them too! have a great day!

Jan 30, 2012 Exotic nose job NEW
by: David

Our exotic female had the same problems with breathing and crusting of the eyes. I can confirm that after having surgery on her nose, which found two lumps inside her nasal cavity that were blocking her already small nostrils completely, she is now breathing like a normal cat. The eyes are still a problem, although much less so, but the fact that she can breathe through her nose is a miracle.

I would recommend finding a veterinary surgeon in your area who has done this operation before and paying whatever it takes to get it done. Just make sure the vet and surgeon likes the animal, because a lot of them hate pure breeds, and you don’t want your animal’s life in these people’s hands…

Jul 17, 2011 tinkerbell
by: Anonymous

We too have a persian with the nose issues several antibiotics and two swab tests later to be told she will always suffer we too have heard about the snip through the nose, im assuming this will give the cat extra air to breath in ???? not sure nut our breeder has offered to exchange her for a new kitten but we are attached now is there a remedy

Apr 12, 2011 nose on my exotic
by: Chuzzlewit’s mom

I have heard that they can snip their nose a little to open it up, I am wondering if this is true??? They do it while they are spaying or neutering does anyone know about this. Apparently it is not a big deal.

Aug 11, 2010 exotic persian
by: Anonymous

I have an exotic persian and he suffers from the same breathing probles. He loves to come in the bathroom after me or mu husband takes a shower. I’m sure it opens his sinuses up just as steam would open up ours. Other than doing this I clean his eyes and face two or three times a day. It huets me to watch him straining to breath! Is there not a medication that can be used to help him?

by: cyn.H

I have two persians one has the sniffles at the moment .Two lots of antibiotics and no results.She didnt have this in the winter so I am hoping that a change of weather may help.Have had two persians before that did not have this problem although the breeding and design of nose is a lot to do with it.They both suffer with tear staining so washing the face and eyes is on going.
Such a shame because they are such beautiful cats.once a persian lover always a persian lover .There just does not seem to be an answer.Best wishes cyn

Jan 07, 2010 Surgery for Breathing Problems
by: Millie

One of my persians was a rescue, and had severe breathing problems because of improper breading techniques. The adoption agency recommended a ‘nose job’, and this has improved her breathing. I still have to wipe her face daily ,and mound her food on a flat plate. It is extra work, but she is my baby and I want her to be as comfortable as possible.

Apr 14, 2009 re nose probs and eye probs
by: Rhea.

I have the same prob. What I do is get a warm flannel and clean the eye and nose area every day.

You will be surprised at the junk that comes away but it does help.

Apr 14, 2009 Persian nose issue
by: CazB

Hi, I have two persian kittens both 9 months old now- they are brothers! One is an exotic persian and the other a persian. The exotic ‘Spartacus’ has a problem with his nose and this has been happening on and off over the past few months. He has been to the vets and taken antibiotics, but it always comes back. He is well in himself- playing, purring and jumping around with his brother ‘Gizmo’ but when he sleeps it sounds like he is having problems breathing and in the mornings his nose is bunged up- dark goo in colour, sometimes quite wet and other times dry and hard?? I try and clean this up as much as poss, but he still sounds bunged up. The vet did mention that this is a problem that persian’s have. Has anybody got any idea’s what i can do to help my little babe?! He is eating very well as usual. Gizmo gets the sneezy snuffles now and again but overall he is fine and has a clear nose. Help!!

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6 Responses

  1. Roxanne Azar says:

    You guys can give them NAC and Lysine supplements. It’s not the source of the issue but it helps

  2. Silvia Fedosejevs says:

    I have had a lot of persians but have one now with a very short nose and she struggles to breathe and I hate it I find vicks vapour rub or some peppermint oil mixed in some coconut oil helps. I use a cotton bud and dip some into the nostril and rub her nose gently and covering her eyes and she can breath again but have to do it every day also have vapourisers going. It is cruel indeed but she seems happy.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Well done Silvia in being so caring and committed. It is sad and it tough for both of you. Flat faced Persians should not be bred in my view. The traditional Persian has a normal face and no breathing problems and is a more attractive cat.

      This page discusses the flat faced Persian in depth:

    • Jennifer says:

      I use essential oils and I was told to never use peppermint around cats. It could cause liver disease and they cannot process it like dogs. Please be careful.

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