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Person threw a litter of kittens at a moving train — 6 Comments

  1. After taking a donation of food and cat litter over to The Cat Network on foot Sunday I chose a route home that took me next to some railroad tracks for a couple of blocks and a train was actually going by as I walked. Never in a million years would I have thought, “Now there is something I should throw kittens at.” The world is going crazy. I know it is. I started a new teaching job in sort of a poorer part of town in a neighboring city and yesterday I had three fights in my room. Well, one was just one kid throwing chairs around so that we all had to leave to avoid being hit by a chair, the others were outright brawls, brawls that occurred without warning. Years ago you could head off a fight, because there was posturing and arguing and a lot of bravado that came first and you could calm them down and reason with them. Today when kids fight there is no precursor to it, there is no warning. They go from calm to violently attacking someone in the blink of an eye. I was told it happens all the time and that I was doing well to only have three fights in my room. Last year the music teacher had six or seven in a day sometimes. I taught for over a decade in rough areas of a bigger city than where I am now and in all that time I witnessed maybe three fights. Now it is just a daily ocurrence plus the fact that these altercations just come out of nowhere so it is mystifying to me what is actually going on. It’s like being in an episode of the Twilight Zone, seeing that happen and then reading about stuff like this. Stop the world, I want to get off.

    • Ruth, I am with you on this. I see the world gradually imploding by which I mean going wrong. There are many signs and perhaps these kids who fight spontaneously are another symptom. There appears to a gradual breakdown. The state schools in the UK are terrible regarding discipline. If a teacher can keep order she is successful. Forget teaching. On the scale we are seeing it, this seems to be a new phenomenon.

      The EU is breaking up. There is mass migration. The Middle East is a mess. China is posturing for war and so is Russia. N. Korea is destabilising the East. Africa is a basket case. Wildlife is being destroyed rapidly. There is massive debt in the West both personal and regarding countries. I could go on.

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