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Person tries to sell cat killing traps on Facebook and boasts about using them

A series of social media posts on Facebook have been picked up by the public and the RSPCA are looking into it. The posts are reproduced on this page. They are self-explanatory. The person is not named and I’ve tried to find these posts on Facebook without success. I have decided that they have been deleted because of reports to Facebook administrators who have removed them.

Wales cat abuser and killer’s Facebook posts

This unknown individual claims to have killed 23 cats in Swansea, Wales, UK using a range of methods such as these killer traps, poison and running over cats in a vehicle.

He described the whole process as great fun. He also tried to sell leg traps which breaks the cat’s leg leaving the cat to die over several days. Further, he says that he hopes to get hold of a poison which is a hundred times stronger than rat poison but tells people that it won’t be as exciting to kill cats this way compared to the awesome traps he wishes to sell.

The final post on this page refers to him running over three cats which he says will be fun for the RSPCA. Instinctively, I have lapsed into referring to the individual as a man. This is highly likely but there is nothing in the Facebook posts which indicate this although the report on the Wales Online website refers to the individual as a man.

He claims to have run over the cats over in a town in Wales called Gorseinon. It’s in the south-west of Wales near Swansea. It appears that he operates or operated in the Swansea area if we are to believe these Facebook posts.

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