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  1. Not only have I done Christmas cards, I’ve also done magnets, mouse pads and caps with Furbys photo on them. I used Vistaprint, which is really good at offering great quality at a cheap price. I hope this link will open so you can see all the samples .

    I sold the magnet calendars for $5 each to help with vet bills and cat supplies.

    I also make a lot of cards and such using Daisy Trail. They have a freebie called CraftArtist and plenty of low cost or free kits. I have around 80 kits from them where I can mix and match for any occasion. I do a lot of memorials for friends who have lost pets and post on their wall.

    This would be a great fundraiser for a rescue or shelter and is very easy to do. I sold the small Christmas cards 20 for $12. When I ordered them, I got 100 cards free and just had to purchase the envelopes. You just have to time the Vistaprint sales and order from their best offers.

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