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Personality difference between male and female Maine Coons — 10 Comments

  1. I have four female cats and they are all stinking divas. Wouldn’t have it any other way.
    I have always preferred female animals. When I was still riding I only choose mares.
    While someone what dismayed that Frog and Toad were originally diagnosed as being little boys I embraced that but I can’t deny I was more than delighted to find in the end we had two little girls.

  2. My Maine Coon randy was male and I’ll say he was very smart, stared me right in the eyes all the time, talkative and determined to always have his way. With the lady veterinarians he was a killer charmer. Never seen any thing like him and they loved it! Though smallish (in the end he only weighed but 4.5 pounds… so sick) he dominated every cat he met. He never had to fight though… he had a very convincing look and body language. He stood tall and walked slowly. I think a cat that uses his eyes the way he did is likely to be quite intelligent, and I encourage my cats to look at me. I’m almost afraid to get another Maine Coon, I loved Buddy so much that my heart can’t take that kind of loss again. I know they’re all individuals, but there are subtle nuances to a breed that maybe we don’t realize we pick up on.

  3. Michael, I agree with your comment about the cat in the photo. Or perhaps we’re becoming accustomed to seeing the large muzzled version being bred in Eastern Europe 😉

  4. I’m sceptical when it comes to breed personality traits as cats are cats, whatever price we humans place on them.

    However, my experience of female cats in general, is that they are often more territorial than males and enjoy the role of top cat. Perhaps females are hard wired to be that way because a good piece of territory is vital for the survival of their offspring. I agree that males tend to be more laid back and sociable, but because they only have to worry about themselves (lol).

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