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  1. Having had a sleepless night with dogs barking, those left outside all night and those taken inside with windows open due to the heatwave and left, untrained, to bark at will and then got up to open the door and be met by two hungry thin half grown cats from over the road and several pools of nasty diarrhoea outside our door and on our steps and outside the gate and having had to swill and disinfect, at 6am, our front area and the garden wall and wooden seats in case of infection to our own, well cared for, cats I’m just about at saturation point with animal neglect and could easily lose my head and give someone the telling off of a lifetime. I am so sick of people’s attitudes, every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks they are entitled to OWN a dog or a cat, no thought to care they just take them in and muddle along feeding, exercise, training if and when they think of it. At worst it’s cruelty to the animals and at the least it’s anti-social behaviour causing a nuisance with barking dogs and hungry, begging cats but the daft thing is they all think they’re doing a great job!!!!!!!

    • That’s awful Babz.
      How are the people who have the dogs sleeping?
      And, first thing in the morning with the cats too. I can handle most anything but those first thing in the morning “surprises” make me mad. But, mostly, I just feel like crying. My surprises are usually litters of kittens dumped on my deck, sometimes dead and bloody from the racoons.
      I feel so sorry for you.

      • Dee I don’t know how they sleep through it, ok last night was much worse than usual because a woman was shouting into her phone along the end of the Grove, a passer by I think which must have set the dogs off to start with but they just kept on and on but normally never a night goes by without dogs barking out the back and out the front into the estate, I suppose the noise carries more at night when supposedly it’s quiet, the thing is people who choose to have dogs must accept they’re going to be bothered by barking but what they can’t seem to realise is that people who choose not to have dogs don’t want to share in their constant yapping, I can’t understand it, when we had dogs they didn’t bark on and on, if someone came to the door yes and when we came home a few woofs of greeting but not like these days, people just don’t seem to train their dogs now. Your early morning surprises are worse than mine was today, I’d hate to find kittens out there, especially in that state, you poor soul it must be awful, but it was nasty finding the mess out there, obviously one of the young cats is unwell and I was worried about the boys. I’ve calmed down now though we had another drama at 10am when we heard a dog yelping and a woman screaming out the back of our house, we don’t have gates in our gardens so as I was dressed and Ruth wasn’t and the boys were out so we couldn’t both go and leave them I ran round the block almost having a heart attack, could hardly gasp when I got there but the poor woman was walking with her three elderly Shelties and the smallest who walks on three legs anyway had been attacked by a dog that was with an old lady, she had him on an extending lead and had just stood there and let him pick up the little Sheltie and shake him like a piece of rag. The woman he belongs to had managed to prize the dogs mouth open and her dog had hit the ground running and bolted, she was screaming her name and crying. I helped her to search for little Maggie but there was no sign of her until a young woman said she’s seen her further into the estate on her way home, so the woman took her dogs and went to check and late phoned us to say little Maggie was safely home and seemed fine, I’ll phone her in the morning to see if she’s still ok. The dog that attacked the Sheltie though was a rescue dog, the old lady has only had him about 3 weeks, he’s an 8 year old quite chunky terrier, obviously far too strong for her to control, so that’s something else to worry about with the boys, it could so easily have been a cat it attacked.

    • Thats totally horrible Barbara Yes and totally unacceptable. Its definitely animal abuse I feel. If people own Cats or Dogs they need to properly take care of them, otherwise they shouldn’t be allowed them. If you cant take care of them why should you have them. It shouldn’t be up to you such lovely ladies to take care of other cats or animals. Its just, so sad I feel for those cats. Its so sad that the other animals arent being properly looked after.

  2. That was wonderful Michael Very clearly spelt out. Yes its a sad life for Cats but it seems dogs do worse. I Think Ill Print this out as its a good article.

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