Pet Amber Alert and Missing Cat Information

by Elisa Black-Taylor

Today I’d like to discuss the different ways to find a missing cat. These include a service I found online called and also other information I’ve come across on pictures-of-cats on how to find a missing cat.

First, I’d like to tell you about a pet Amber alert website that will help you find your cat should it become lost. It’s called (please note: at 6th Nov. 2010 this site did not load for Michael based in the UK – temporary glitch?). One reason for the simplicity of the name is people can remember it. So I went into their website to learn how can help you find a missing cat.

Since this service also offers the same service for missing dogs, I’ve used both “cat” and “pet” in writing this article. My article will also offer links from previous articles here at that may help find a missing pet.

Pet Amber Alert is the original pet finder service and has been online since 2005. Most of the pet finder services found online are copycats from this site. They have been given the Verisign, Truste and McAfee seals proving they are a legitimate company.

LOST CAT - Timmy

Lost Cat – Photo by Morgan at Flickr – thank you Morgan.

Their plans aren’t free, but they are very reasonable in what they charge for their services. Here are some of the features their plans offer.

1. The process begins in less than an hour after you fill out the online paperwork. So it’s fast, which means a better chance of finding your cat.

2. The website works 24/7 so there is no “down” time waiting for the search to begin.

3. Posters are made and phone calls (providing not on the do not call list) are made to neighbors. As an example 25 posters can be faxed to local businesses for only $30. They send out alerts from 15 to 100 miles from where your cat was last seen. Imagine the number of people a missing cat poster at a business near your home will reach. You will receive confirmation when calls and posters go out.

I don’t know about all of you, but I always look at a missing pet poster anywhere I see one.

The phone call alert will try a neighbor’s phone number 4-6 times and if it reaches an answering machine, a detailed message about the missing pet is left.

They have the highest nationwide “found” rate of any pet finder company in the country due to this successful phone/fax notification system.

4. Alerts are sent to animal shelters within a 15-100 mile radius so if your pet is brought in, Pet Amber Alert is immediately notified.

5. Your pet will remain in their database for 360 days or until you call them informing them the pet has been found.

6. The homepage has a Neighborhood Watch Alert option that allows you to sign up to be notified of any missing pets in your neighborhood. Simply click here and enter your state, zip code and email address. You’ll be helping pets in your neighborhood just by joining.

7. Their find rate is 80% for alerts sent within the first week and 60% for alerts sent within 6 weeks. Still, it’s never too late to sign up for their service.

8. Their service fee covers up to three pets who go missing at the same time.

PetAmberAlert also offers a booklet on how to find a missing pet.

I hope none of you ever need their services, but I wanted to simplify things for you should you ever need a cat finder service.

I am running into some negativity on this site, so please Google it and do your research before deciding to use them. This holds true for ANY business you pay for a service. If anyone has used their services, please comment and let the readers here know how it worked out for you.

I’d also like comments for any other service the readers here have used and had success with. These include do-it-yourself posting sites as well as sites where you pay for assistance in finding a lost pet.

Of course, another way to raise the success rate of finding a missing cat is through micro-chipping your cat and having the chip tested at each vet visit. I did a story on this awhile back that can be found here: Important Microchipping Information. You might also like to read: Microchipping Pets Including Cats

One word of caution: be very careful if you choose to also use a collar on your cat and purchase the type that will break away should it become entangled.

Michael (PoC) has also done an article called Lost Cat Poster that gives step-by-step instructions on making your own poster. He also wrote an article entitled: Finding A Lost Cat that might be useful.

The key to find a lost cat is to be proactive. Get to work on finding your cat immediately and hit the situation from every angle. Also do as much beforehand to prevent your cat from becoming lost in the first place.

Accidents happen and cats do slip out of the home. They’re very sneaky when it comes to the outdoor life. Many show their independent nature more at this time than any other. In other words, they run out the door when they shouldn’t. They also won’t come back inside until they’re good and ready. Some will even hide right under your nose as you call them for their nightly “come in.”

Please file this article with the others you may one day have to use.

Preparation is key to finding a lost cat.


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Jun 27, 2011
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Nov 07, 2010
To UK readers
by: Ruth In case UK readers can’t access this service, most Cats Protection branches run a free lost and found service run by volunteers.
Babz and I ran this for many years when we had a local branch and had many success stories. We had data bases of lost and found so we could match them up immediately.
CP will give you all the advice you need to help find your lost cat or what to do if you find a cat.
Find your nearest branch by going to their main web site:
Kattaddorra signature Ruth


Nov 06, 2010
Website address
by: Elisa Black-Taylor I just typed in “” and it went straight there. I didn’t use any prefixes. Or you can enter or “pet Amber alert” into your search engine and it should come right up. This is also the easiest way to check out the good and the bad about the site because links to the reviews are on the search engine after links for the main site.

Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

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  1. missing orange an white cat tattoo . in ear aa40. lost on david an fair lane. if seen call please we miss him so much :(. 930 5518 0r 221 7951. thank you.


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