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Pet Cremations Faked — 6 Comments

  1. I wish that someone would explain how keeping the ashes of our beloved cats in urns would have a positive affect on our psyche. What is the mindset? Does it indicate that we still need to have them close? That we can’t let go of them? Do we believe that they are there in the ash?
    It’s very confusing to me.

  2. I have buried all my pets close to my house on the sea facing beach.My oldest pet, 22 year old Alexandrine parakeet :Mittoo” lies in a glass showcase thanks to the art of taxidermy.All my departed pets are “LIVE” on “Youtube video’s” and “Photographs” always refreshing my memories when i turn nostalgic.This is horrible news that “Pets Ashes” are being counterfeited in some crematoriums in the U.K which shows the sentiments that normal humans attach to other peoples pets.

    • It is too easy to fake it because people don’t watch the process. I actually watched my Binnie being put in the oven and the door closed and the oven started. Sounds horrible. It was horrible but I know I have her ashes.

      The burial place of your pets sounds beautiful. A fine place to be buried. You are lucky.

  3. I’m not surprised to read this. In October 2013, the tv show “Fake Britain” reported two UK pet crematoriums operating similar scams. Most of the bodies were either dumped in nearby fields or burnt on a bonfire;


    Its so low to rip-off bereaved people, knowing that they are especially vulnerable at the time. Hope this guy ends up in prison for fraud.

    Michael: The British pet food industry is quite strictly regulated and they have use to animals which have been passed as fit for human consumption. They also tend to use only animals considered acceptable in the human food chain – hence no horse meat etc., in British pet foods.

    • Michele, thanks for the info about the pet food industry. I am not sure the regulations are that well enforced or monitored. I have probably become a cynical conspiratory theorist 😉 . I imagine all kinds of possibilities that don’t exist. Why do you think the bodies were in a freezer? He could have just dumped them in a black bag immediately. I suppose the savings in this scam are made in not using gas for the oven.

  4. I’m not sure what to write, because I don’t really understand what the purpose in having our beloved cats cremated and keeping their ashes. I can understand the cremation and, possibly, scattering their ashes in one of their favorite places. But, to keep ashes in an urn baffles me. There must be some emotional connection that I can’t think of.

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