Pet food banks should also stock over-the-counter cat and dog spot-on flea treatments and provide advice

It is a simple formula. I recently posted and article about a pet owner who asked this forlorn question: “What do I do if I have three cats and one dog all with fleas and I can’t afford flea medication?” [link to the post] The person was lost. In a state of affairs where they were unable to do basic cat caregiving.

Pet food banks should also stock over-the-counter cat and dog spot-on flea treatments and provide advice
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Flea prevention is basic cat caregiving. Fleas are the most prevalent of all cat diseases. They are an ectoparasite sucking blood from a cat or kitten and injecting tapeworm eggs in the kitten at the same time. Fleas are massively commonplace. They’re everywhere in hundreds of millions of homes in many countries particularly warm ones or warm regions in continents like North America.

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Fleas can kill kittens. They cause harm and cause distress to the infested kittens and cats. So, when a man or woman cries out on social media as described about a flea infestation in their home it looks desperate and unnecessary to me. They need help either because they have fallen on hard times or they have failed to budget properly to ensure that they can afford to look after four pets.

No matter the reason. What to do? They need charity. There are pet food banks across the US. As you can buy spot-on flea treatments for cats and dogs online or from pet shops without a veterinary prescription, I can’t see why the pet food banks can’t stock flea treatments and provide some basic advice at the same time. I can see the volunteers at these charities beign well able to give flea treatment advice. If they are unsure they can swot up on it or ask their vet. There could be an advice counter at the charity’s outlet.

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If this idea was in place already and the person I mention had access to a pet food bank stocking flea treatments and providing advice they’d have a ready solution to their problem.

My considered guess – based on years of reading on this topic – is that there are many other pet caregivers in the US and the UK for that matter who would welcome the kind of support I have mentioned.

My advice to the person with a flea problem in their home is to read the following page. It will need a hoslistic approach from them by which I mean clearing the entire home of fleas. There is no point clearing fleas from cats with insecticides if the fleas are all around the home waiting to jump onto the pets when the owner forgets to apply Frontline.

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