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Pet Food Honesty — 7 Comments

  1. Hi i know this is off Topic, but today i tried my Cats on something new. Theres a new Pet Food Shop here in Town, just down the road. All natural Products so I thought I would try my Kitties on some Meat
    Its 100 beef- it says on the Pottle Beef, Flax seed Flake,carrot, preservative. As soon as i bought it home Jasmine eated some of it, just give a spoon full. Which is Promising I noticed they have other varieties like steak and rabbit and only costs 3.60 a pottle. Ozzie just looked at it and sniffed it.

  2. 1. How many cat-‘owners’ would think of reading the list of ingredients? Some do. But nowhere near the millions of Walmarters on the lookout for the cheapest sack of pellets.

    2. Even Dr. Pierson (who doesn’t work for Purina) writes that byproducts are reasonably okay.

    3. There’s a passage in Robert Ardrey’s The Territorial Imperative (underlined) that may partially echo the earliest stages of cutthroat competition. Though Ardrey’s scholarship was titanic, they say he’s read, fifty years later, as much for his style as his accuracy of content, which some anthropologists describe as ‘anecdotal’ (the ultimate put-down). But anyone into Monty Python. . . . .well, Ardrey’s views of the human race aren’t to be missed.

    Here’s a paraphrase:

    A social psychologist fretting over the outcome of man’s bellicose ways – his stone age tradition of bloodshed in defense of turf, his lukewarm interest in quelling his compulsion to grab what isn’t his – will come to realize how much can be learned from the baboon. Its ferocity takes second place only to man’s. The noble baboon popped from the womb with fists at the ready, a gangster preordained for the gallows. Unlike the gorilla – that milquetoast of apes – the swashbuckling baboon, in the debate between freedom and oppression, provides the oldest contradiction to the sham-insistence that tyranny is bad. He’s meek as a 16-wheel rig. Mild in intent as a Sherman tank. Timid as a gas-powered mower. He’s a plug-ugly with brassy orbs that look like a paddlewheel cardsharp’s. He’s a predator whose notion of ultimate bliss is pouncing on and eating baby antelopes. He has an eye for everything belonging to others. That, and sticky fingers. This muscle-bound monkey – his ways mortifyingly like our own – shows how a blend of physical prowess, IQ and clout is a winning combination. He runs the show with his crew of ‘thugs’ – with their semblance to us – demonstrating how despotism and the terror it engenders can guarantee order.

    • Even when you do read the ingredients it is not really clear what they mean. It is difficult to compare dry and wet food.

      Robert Ardrey’s view of the world is probably correct but depressingly so. It seems that many counties are not ready for democracy and brute force and domination is still the way things work in large parts of the world. We have a long way to go.

      I always hated the corporate mentality. The old boy network and stupid politics. I have always struggled to live in the capitalist world as it just seems so crude and disharmonious to me.

  3. A look at one of my kitchen counters will tell you that I am a Purina fan. I keep about a 5 day supply at hand all of the time. I feed wet covered with dry to all. It may not be exceptional, but I believe that it is the best of the mediocre.
    I frequent Petsmart and have been handed sample packs of Blue Buffalo. Not even the raccoons would eat it.

    • LOL. Well the story indicates that Blue Buffalo is a bit doggy or at least the senior management is. They have played dirty tricks in my view. The outcome of the litigation will tell us whether my hunch is correct.

      • No doubt that the makers of Blue Buffalo will stand by their claims. And, they may well have some improved nutrition.
        But, who cares if the cats won’t eat it? Nor scavenger raccoons, for heaven’s sake?
        My belief is that Purina is more credible in disclosing that some “junk” is in their foods. Blue Buffalo claims that they have none.
        I hope it comes down to both being put under microscopes.
        I believe that Blue Buffalo will be discredited – selling nearly the same for 4 times the price.

        • I tend to agree with you Dee based on the court documents that I skimmed. Blue Buffalo admit they are a bit brash and flash and misleading (“smoke and mirrors”) while at least Purina come clean and say that byproducts are OK (in their opinion).

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