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Pet food names and what they mean — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Michael, I’ve written to Blue Wilderness about the percentage of meat in their dry food, which I’m now giving Mitzy, (for the fiber content) along with wet.

    Also, I’ve discovered a new wet food with the brand name of Soulistic. Mostly they have fish, but I got the chicken, and it looks just like shredded chicken. It’s available in cans and packets, with gravy or gelee. She ate it right away.

    I’ll share the answer I get from Blue Wilderness.

    • I look forward to hearing from you on the percentage of chicken in Blue Wilderness. It looks like a good product so 3% seems low. They may be using a name which in a subtle way circumvents the complicated rules. But on their website they don’t provide information about percentages or at least I could not find it.

      Soulistic sounds very interesting. I’ll check it out.

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