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Pet insurance in the UK is becoming unaffordable — 2 Comments

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  2. Even in India pet ownership has become a luxury in the 21st century as maintenance medical costs increase with inflation. Recently on Thursday(10/12/2020) after years cycled to the “Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit hospital ( Animal Hospital)” in Parel to inquire about the “Coughing” bouts of 11 year old “Tomcat Matata”.Since 1976 when i first owned a dog have been frequently visiting this hospital over the decades as it was the most modern hospital when veterinary clinics in Mumbai were few and exorbitantly prices as this was a subsidized charitable hospital.Was surprized at the medical charges and now in the 21st century it seems private veterinary clinics are cheaper than this charitable hospital .Pet Insurance although existing for dog’s is almost non-existent in India and in a very nascent stage in comparison to human medical insurance.Pet owners have to pay from their own pockets and now it seems pet ownership in India is beyond the reach of the average middle-class pet owner. No wonder many pets are abandoned on the streets in Mumbai once owners find their medical costs or simple maintenance to expensive. Sad but true. The latest status of charges for “O.P.D” treatment and residential treatment of dogs and cats has been posted for the guidance of fellow pet owners. INFLATION has made “PET OWNERSHIP” a luxury in the 21st century.

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