Pet Loo – Cat Litter Review

by Ruth Young (Monty’s Mom)

Pet Loo Fresh Air Litter
Pet Loo Fresh Air Litter
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Pet Loo has created the world’s first and only Triple Action Odor & Bacteria Eliminating Litter. PoC reviews it…

A few weeks ago Michael contacted me about an opportunity to test out a new type of cat litter, which will be hitting the market soon in the United States of America…..

Update on 4th July 2012: Michael (Admin) has temporarily removed the review because there was an unfortunate mistake made in the testing process that has nothing to do with Ruth, who is a first class tester!

If people have linked to this page; sorry for the delay but there will be a new review of the Pet Loo litter in the not too distant future that will provide visitors with an accurate and thorough appraisal of this new pet product. Thank you for your patience….

Update 27th September 2012: Here is the new article:

Review of Fresh Air Premium Cat Litter By Pet Loo


11 thoughts on “Pet Loo – Cat Litter Review”

  1. I work at a retailer that just started carrying this. I decided to be the guinea pig and test it out. 5 days later I am ready to get rid of it and go back to my old litter. There is absolutely NO ODOR CONTROL. I live in a one bedroom apartment with all windows open and 3 scented candles lit. The overwhelming urine odor is still hitting me. This litter is terrible. And the packaging does not tell you how to use the pads or which direction is supposed to be face-down.

    • Thanks for the comment but your experience does not square up with the reviewer, Ruth and her husband. I know Ruth and she is highly reliable.

      • What doesn’t match up? We both experienced poor (complete lack of) instructions in regards to the pads that come with the litter. The “odor control” is not there. After less than a week, my apartment is absolutely foul smelling.

        Additionally, the litter does clump a little bit. Not the way a normal clumping litter does. But when I was sifting out the solid waste, I came across a few muddy clumps of sand about the size of a fist. They mostly broke apart upon sifting, but they are there and stick to the litter scoop. Not part of this product is working the way it is advertised on the box with the exception that my cats both use it.

        • I just thought that Ruth thought the odor control was pretty good while you found it poor, that’s all. I appreciate your input though. Very useful and appreciated.


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