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Pet Loo – Cat Litter Review — 11 Comments

  1. I work at a retailer that just started carrying this. I decided to be the guinea pig and test it out. 5 days later I am ready to get rid of it and go back to my old litter. There is absolutely NO ODOR CONTROL. I live in a one bedroom apartment with all windows open and 3 scented candles lit. The overwhelming urine odor is still hitting me. This litter is terrible. And the packaging does not tell you how to use the pads or which direction is supposed to be face-down.

    • Thanks for the comment but your experience does not square up with the reviewer, Ruth and her husband. I know Ruth and she is highly reliable.

      • What doesn’t match up? We both experienced poor (complete lack of) instructions in regards to the pads that come with the litter. The “odor control” is not there. After less than a week, my apartment is absolutely foul smelling.

        Additionally, the litter does clump a little bit. Not the way a normal clumping litter does. But when I was sifting out the solid waste, I came across a few muddy clumps of sand about the size of a fist. They mostly broke apart upon sifting, but they are there and stick to the litter scoop. Not part of this product is working the way it is advertised on the box with the exception that my cats both use it.

        • I just thought that Ruth thought the odor control was pretty good while you found it poor, that’s all. I appreciate your input though. Very useful and appreciated.

  2. Michael told me you would like to send me another batch with instructions. I’m willing to give it another try and Monty seemed to really like it, so he won’t care. I will have to rely on my husband’s nose primarily since my sense of smell is faint and unreliable.

  3. Hi Ruth,

    I work for Pet Loo and have read your review and all of comments.

    It sounds like I can be of assistance in Helping you determine the source of your less than favorable experience with Fresh Air litter.

    Please reach out to me. I am happy to be of assistance.

    David Charlson
    Pup-Pee Solutions

  4. I looked at the picture you posted more carefully, and I think the white mat included with the litter was supposed to go under it and may have made a difference in odor control. I have to change and clean Monty’s litter box today, so I will put it in there. He has a very large litter box, so it won’t cover the whole thing, but I’ll put it in the middle with his usual litter and we will see if there is an improvement in odor control. I sniffed the mat and it seems like there is a faint scent to it, like a mild perfume, but my nose is not very reliable. I will rely on my husband’s nose to test whether the mat itself provides an advantage in odor control. I’m sorry I missed testing it in the original test. If they had sent the photo along with everything in the box, I would have gotten it right. My thought is that I still wouldn’t personally choose this litter, because I prefer a product that clumps together, so that I can scoop out urine. The corn, pine and wheat based litters do clump, at least somewhat. Small stones covered in dust don’t clump. But if a person went from non-clumping clay litter to this, they might prefer it. And again, it does have the advantage of being a natural product. Perhaps they would do well to market the odor absorbing pads separately so people could use them along with their choice of litter, but we’ll see how it works. I will say one thing– with the drought we’ve had and the loss of corn crops, Monty’s corn based litter is going to get expensive. So in that way, Pet Loo most certainly offers a cost saving option.

  5. Thanks, Michael!
    I looked at the packaging and inside the box was a white mat, plastic on one side, absorbent on the other– sort of like a diaper, but large and flat. Maybe that was supposed to be put under the litter to catch and absorb liquid which the dust would not? Perhaps it contains an odor fighter which would have made a difference. Perhaps that is part of the triple action. If so, I’m sorry that I missed that, but if they had sent some explanation, I would have placed that mat under the litter. I didn’t really think about it, I thought it was just part of the packaging.

  6. Monty had no problem with it. He peed and pooped in it and played in it. It was all like little stones, and he had a good time picking them up with his claws, digging in them, and jumping in and out of his box. It was like I brought outside time inside for him. He sniffed it quite a bit. Though the company claims the litter contains anti-bacterial and anti-odor ingredients, I just didn’t see any evidence of that. It appeared to be screenings, pure and simple, and my husband agreed with that assessment. If they did put something in it to control odor it was not effective. I didn’t smell any poop odor, but I almost never do. The urine smell was quite overpowering. The amount of dust was also overwhelming– not so much when Monty was playing in it as when I put it in and dumped it out of his litter box.

    • Ruth, I initially put a video of the Pet Loo on your page but since discovered (and I hope I am correct!) that they make the cat litter as a separate product.

      I did not watch the video and had thought that the Pet Loo and cat litter went together but I don’t think that is the case. Unless some one can enlighten me!

      Maybe something went wrong with this test :). I say that because you tested building materials! And the litter is said to be triple action odor control. I am confused.

      Is the Fresh Air litter that you tested meant to be used in conjunction with the Pet Loo? That may be the case. I am sorry I am confused but no one told me how to use this and the Pet Loo website is not clear for me.

      By the way I am very surprised that you did not receive any promotional material or explanation. You did great but it was guesswork. I have a feeling that the promoters did not send the entire package but that is guess too.

      Thanks for doing a great job, Ruth.

  7. I hope we can learn the name of this litter once it hits the shelves. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the company made a fortune selling it to top industries to use as you suggested to get a car unstuck in ice! There have been a few products that made it big for a different use than intended. I know every manufacturing plant I’ve worked keeps salt and litter on hand in the winter. This product could make a fortune if their PR department handles this right. Poor Monty must have been so confused…

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