Pet lounger and horizontal scratcher gets 5 stars from 17,000 ratings

This ‘ultimate cat scratcher and lounger’ gets a five-star rating from 17,000 reviews. It’s described as being a great stress reliever, great for exercise, great for healthy nails and has natural scratching benefits. It is pet friendly and earth friendly. It has multiple options for stretching, lounging and scratching and is made of strong high-quality cardboard connected piece by piece which is recyclable, durable and long lasting. It has a one-year warranty and it is currently out of stock on Amazon in America (surprised?). Remarkably, it is more expensive in America than it is in the UK at a starting price of US$119.99 in the States and £49.95 p in the UK.

It currently has a five-star rating from 17,192 reviews in America and a five-star rating from 16,567 reviews in the UK. It is very unusual for any product to maintain a five-star rating from this number of reviews. Normally for good products of any kind with a high number of reviews the ratings dip to 4.5 or 4/5. Therefore, we have to conclude, that this is an excellent cat product.

This pet lounger with 20,000 Amazon reviews is the best thing I’ve ever bought my cats from Amazon – KATE TULLY ELLSWORTH

To me, it is a very large cat scratcher and of course because it is large it is also a lounger. My guess is that cats like to lounge on it because of its shape and its texture. It is made of corrugated cardboard. It is noteworthy that cats often like to lounge on hard surfaces. As humans we should recognise that fact. It may be overlooked sometimes as humans like to sleep on soft surfaces. Can someone tell me why cats like hard beds?!

I know my cat likes to scratch corrugated cardboard which is used to make horizontal cat scratchers. I have a much smaller one. I’m going to buy this one and have plans to place it up on a wall like you see in the photograph on this page. I think that is an excellent idea because it can be combined then as a lounger and a high vantage point snoozer.

The only problem is that if he scratches it the bits of cardboard will fall to the floor where they will need to be cleaned up on a routine basis. This will be an added burden to me which I won’t like.

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I almost forgot to mention that it is made by PetFusion. I’m not getting any commission for this. I am just interested in the fact that a cat product can achieve such a remarkable five-star rating from this many reviews.

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2 Responses

  1. Jon Todd says:

    My cat ignores these cardboard scratching pads/loungers. Even though they’re just pasteboard glued together, stores around here (Western Washington State-USA)want $40 to $50 for even the small ones, and he preferred the wall-to-wall carpeting on my apt’s/flat’s floors (I rent) anyway, despite all efforts to discourage this. He’s 18 now and, luckily for me, has stopped scratching anything. His late sister used the pasteboard pads but it didn’t deter her from scratching the upholstery and wood on furniture as well. They both ignored scratching posts. Alas, cats are idiosyncratic and ofter differ greatly in their preferences it would save a lot of money if they all agreed.

    • I am surprised and saddened (!) to hear that your cat ignored the scratcher. Did you try spraying catnip on the scratcher. That nearly always does the trick. My cat loves the horizontal scratchers and the vertical ones! I have Amazon’s best and biggest vertical cat scratcher:

      scratching post

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