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Pet Meds Compounding Pharmacies May Be At Risk: Take Action Now — 5 Comments

  1. Don’t know a whole lot about meds for kitties, so I will just say, that’s a great pic of Hubble and I am so glad he is coming around. Hope you and Marty are healing as well.

  2. Thanks for all the well wishes. I am happy to say that Sir Hubble is coming around and beginning to come back to us. He is starting to play with me again, and he groomed my hair last night! Great way to relax friends:)

    I firmly believe it is all the wonderful prayers for him, and the Chinese herbal medicine that is bringing him back. We started him back on them and he is feeling a lot more energetic. What would we do without these special pharmacies that allow us to get medications that truly help our kitties?

  3. Signed and shared, in hope that this disastrous plan will not be implemented.

    And very emotional over the pic of Sir Hubble. *PRAYERS* for him, and his family, in their time of grief.

  4. Thanks, Jo. Very informative.
    I so hope that Sir Hubble is adjusting to being without Puppy. I still tear up over Puppy’s loss.
    Too soon, really, to get a companion for Sir; but I have a real surplus, my friend.
    Come on up.

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