Pet Meds Compounding Pharmacies May Be At Risk: Take Action Now

The majority of kitty guardians regard pets as family members, therefore it’s understandable when one of our fur “kids” seems under the weather, we promptly seek the services and advice from the cat’s family doctor; the “family” veterinarian.

Compounding pharmacy for pets

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Depending on the results of a thorough examination and testing, veterinarians often prescribe necessary medications. But what happens when kitty pawrents’s cats are difficult to medicate. Many kitty guardians may find it very difficult to administer capsules or tablets.

Some kitty guardians often assume that liquid medications are much easier to administer. But frequently it turns out that cats may find these medications that our veterinarians dispense are distasteful and most of it ends up on the carpet. Then we end up chasing kitty to ensure the cat receives the entire dose.

Consider also medications that are hard to find. Years ago we had a cat with Megacolon. The drug needed was cisapride. This is a drug that had long since been taken off the market for human use. Since this drug was no longer carried by regular traditional pharmacies, we were in a dilemma. Fortunately our veterinary compounding apothecary had it in stock and within a few hours it was ready for pick up. There are many life-saving medications that are no longer prescribed for humans, but are absolutely “what the doctor ordered” for the treatment of cats.

For many of the pharmaceutical products our cats need, it’s the veterinary compounding pharmacies that can fill a variety of prescriptions far better than our local drugstores. With certain medical conditions, it’s generally the veterinary compounding pharmacy that makes a huge difference. In my opinion, compounding pharmacies are a boon for those of us who care for cats who are chronically ill.

But with all the proven benefits that compounding pharmacies offer our pets, according to the action center at, it appears that unfortunately the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have other ideas.

Sir Hubble Pinkerton
Photo: Sir Hubble Pinkerton –Jo Singer

The FDA recently released a proposed “Guidance for Industry” (GFI) concerning the compounded medications that guardians have used for their pets. Lacking any legal authority from Congress, the FDA is now attempting through “guidance” to write new laws. If these proposed laws come to fruition,

“Veterinarians will no longer be able to order and dispense custom compounded medications from a pharmacy even though critical emergency and other life-saving drugs can’t be obtained in any other way!”

The potentially devastating impact that this document holds for prudent veterinary treatment has been recognized by Congress. If these laws are accepted it would fundamentally negatively change the way in which our veterinarians are practicing medicine. With bi-partisan concern, Congressman Matt Salmon, (R-AZ and Congressman Kurt Schrader (D-OR) – one of the three veterinarians serving in congress – are so alarmed about the effect this would have on the ability of practitioners to provide necessary treatment to their patients that they are calling for the FDA to totally withdraw this proposed guidance.

In a recent survey thousands of veterinary professionals replied that if this guidance is published, it would mean that potentially the lives of pets would be put in serious danger.

If the FDA’s proposed guidance is published, and if this is of concern to you, take action by getting involved. Let your Congressional representative know how this proposed guidance would affect you and your pet. Ask him or her to sign the Salmon/Schrader letter to FDA.

Click “Take Action” below and we’ll get you started with a sample message. Customize it to your situation, enter your email address and ZIP Code and then, with just a click, we’ll deliver it directly to your representative.

TAKE ACTION: Please tell Congress to stop the FDA’s illegal attempt to cut-off the compounded medications your pet needs.

What are your thoughts about the FDA’s proposed guidance? If it is published would it affect the health of your pets? Share your opinions in a comment.

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5 thoughts on “Pet Meds Compounding Pharmacies May Be At Risk: Take Action Now”

  1. Don’t know a whole lot about meds for kitties, so I will just say, that’s a great pic of Hubble and I am so glad he is coming around. Hope you and Marty are healing as well.

  2. Thanks for all the well wishes. I am happy to say that Sir Hubble is coming around and beginning to come back to us. He is starting to play with me again, and he groomed my hair last night! Great way to relax friends:)

    I firmly believe it is all the wonderful prayers for him, and the Chinese herbal medicine that is bringing him back. We started him back on them and he is feeling a lot more energetic. What would we do without these special pharmacies that allow us to get medications that truly help our kitties?

  3. Signed and shared, in hope that this disastrous plan will not be implemented.

    And very emotional over the pic of Sir Hubble. *PRAYERS* for him, and his family, in their time of grief.

  4. Thanks, Jo. Very informative.
    I so hope that Sir Hubble is adjusting to being without Puppy. I still tear up over Puppy’s loss.
    Too soon, really, to get a companion for Sir; but I have a real surplus, my friend.
    Come on up.


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