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Pet poisoners inhabit the land of cat lovers — 3 Comments

  1. Per’aps you should check into the frequency of automobile accidents in those areas that might have left antifreeze in any gutter. Rather than blaming others you need to be blaming yourselves for killing your own cats. I guess reality is too far-reaching of a concept for you to grasp.

  2. Sadly there will always be an element of society who dislike cats or dogs and will resort to cruel and illegal ways to vent their anger. I’d like to think that the police and RSPCA may be able to catch the culprits, but all too often they go undetected due to lack of evidence. These are situations where Neighbourhood Watch, private CCTV cameras and the community grapevine can help the authorities in tracking down the criminal.

    Thankfully we haven’t have any reports of antifreeze poisoning where I live, but if we did I would be inclined to keep my cats indoors (or only let them out under supervision) until the culprit is caught.

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