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Psychic Cat Furby - photo by Joyce Sammons

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Psychic Cat Furby - photo by Joyce Sammons

Settle in friends. This is going to be an interesting article. You're all going to LOVE this one. Especially when I stop researching and start in with personal opinion.

Several months ago I did an article about cats predicting different things. Here's the link: Can cats predict disaster disease or death

This story will be similar, yet totally different in many ways. There is a lot of scientific evidence on how pets pick up on subtle atmospheric changes to predict the weather. But how about predicting the unusual. Or how we communicate telepathically with our furry friends.

I'm addressing both dog and cat lovers in this article because both seem equally capable. Psychic pets are more common than many will admit to.

During the London Blitz is an excellent example. Cats especially could sense the bombing well in advance and go underground. How did they know? This was before anything physical such as noise or panic. They KNEW!

Pets know not only when their person will arrive home, but also if they are in distress. To prove to yourself the arriving home test, simply use a stopwatch or a clock. Most cats will anticipate their humans arrival and make it easy to test this theory. I had a dog several years ago who would lay by the door exactly 20 minutes before I arrived home. And my arrival time was different day to day. Yet he KNEW. One of my cats knows when I wake up. He sleeps in another room, but a minute after I come awake, he's on my pillow.

Caroline Connor (website: Inner Self), Radionic consultant, has a unique perspective on cats. Radionics is a highly controversial field that claims to detect and modulate life force using electronic devices. She believes if a stray comes to you then you are in need of a cat. Accept it and take it in. Her belief is that cats remove negative energy from our bodies as we sleep. The negative energy leaves the body of the cat when they sleep. That is the reason so much time is spent catnapping. Hmm, interesting concept. A little off the topic at hand, but I like to present different theories. Even when I don't agree with them.

psychic pet reading

Here's one scientific study: Pet Psychic. Some claim the communication is done thru electromagnetic energy. Riki and therapeutic healing work in much the same way. Which brings me to the works of Edgar Cayce (1877-1945). Over the years I've read a lot of his work on the paranormal and reincarnation. Not my cup of tea. He was still a fascinating man for his time. I agree with some of the case studies he did involving the human body. The Association for Research and Enlightenment was founded by him in 1931 and is famous for studies on everything from dream research to reincarnation. One of his studies found that those with psychic powers could also use same powers to talk to animals. I totally agree with his findings.

Many sources believe all of the above can be taught in the same method as any other life skill. There are courses out there that teach riki, therapeutic healing, psychic awareness, etc. You all get my meaning. I would like feedback on whether these can be learned or if it's an inborn ability. Or just someone out to make money or defraud.

One theory that I would advise further study in is ley lines. Churches, standing stones, cemeteries, leaders homes and many others have been built along ley lines. Many believe ley lines control and enhance psychic energy. I remember studying these back in the late 1970's. I would more readily believe this if you remove all of the mysticism and stick to the basic theory of electromagnetic energy. I still love researching the standing stones in many countries.

Yet science still insists there is little to prove the existence of a psychic connection between animals and humans. I believe one reason is that scientists basically try to have proof for everything. In other words, if science can't back it up then it doesn't exist.

In other words-NO PSYCHIC PETS!

Guess what everyone? I'm tired of the research. Let science believe what they want and let everyone else take the information I've written so far and continue down their own path as to enlightenment in how and if pets and people have a psychic connection.

I'm going to describe what I know from real life experience.

This may be my last story if the men in white coats come after me! I believe my theories are the most accepted and the most common. I don't believe many will disagree with me.

I have a form of psychic energy called empathy. It's a blessing, a curse and many other descriptions in between. It is a God given gift that I've had since I was 10. I became aware of it one night when I was 10 and my dad took my dog at 8 p.m. to be euthanized.

Rusty was a full blooded Collie and was suffering from cancer to the extent I begged daddy to please shoot my dog. I felt what my dog felt. Daddy called the vet and the vet agreed to meet him at the office in 15 minutes. I still remember that night with unusual clarity. At 10:15 p.m., I heard Rusty bark. I ran to the door looking for Rusty to come running up to me. In my 10 year old mind I had hopes the vet had "cured" him.

No one was there.

Daddy arrived home in tears 15 minutes later. Rusty was in the back of his car dead. Mama knew I'd heard the dog bark because I'd been so excited afterward. I asked daddy what time Rusty died. Daddy told me the vet ran late and Rusty was euthanized at 10:15 p.m.

I believe many are born with the gift I have. Children are especially able to communicate with animals. Until parents fear this is a "dark" gift instead of a gift from God and they are forced to suppress it. Face it. If you confess this talent to the wrong people, you'll either end up in an institution or earn the title "crazy cat lady/man."

My ability is far reaching. I don't have to be close to an animal or person to sense distress. I can feel it 100 miles away. I can also run my hands over a body and know if there is pain or cancer. It's the toughest part of my life I've had to deal with. I've done this with people and with animals. So why can't animals have this same ability? Don't they sense when we need them and come to us? Haven't a few even made the news for detecting different diseases?

I've been clueless about many of my four legged friends. Most commonly with the ferals who didn't want anyone to get close-physically or mentally. Yet I've had cats who made their thoughts very clear simply by starring at me. I currently have a dog who communicates by telepathy. His nickname is Dummydog, but he's just the opposite. I can give him a certain look and he's by my side as protection. He's big and being by my side is all that's needed to protect me. Not that I need protecting. Maybe when the men in white coats come to take me to my new "home."

Go to your search engine and type in PSYCHIC PETS. There are dozens of sites and stories. We can't all be wrong. I read story after story researching this project. The proof is there-from subtle hints to lifesaving and everything in between. WE CAN"T ALL BE WRONG! Most of us have psychic pets. It's just not a safe topic to discuss around non-believers.

My grandmother had a lot of Cherokee and Creek Indian in her heritage. She was a healer who always spoke of Jesus as a friend. You'd think she lived in a room down the hall. Church leaders would visit her to listen to her praise God. She could talk fire out of a burn. I witnessed that one at 5 years old. I was naïve in thinking all grandmother's had that gift. I believe I got a lot of my ability from her. I can't heal burns. I can sense illness, hate, love, fear, anger and many more. Sometimes it overloads my brain. If anyone else on grandma's line in my family has any of these "gifts", they're not admitting to it. I also have a healthy dose from my dad's line.

Perhaps I'm part cat. I've been accused of moving like a cat. Whether that has anything to do with psychic pets is unknown.

Caroline Connor and her Radionics research remind me a lot of this gift. I use it to help me accept some changes and reject others. That even sounds like the philosophy of a cat. Doesn't everyone agree with me on that? There is a lot of acceptance responsibility involved in all of this.

Mostly in being unscientific and believing in things I can't prove. It gets easier as I get older. It would be nice to call up all of these traits on command and make a living at it. Life doesn't work that way.

So I write about cats. Feral cats, psychic cats, needy cats, helpless cats. Then everyone shares similar experiences we all believe in. Lets all get together and tell our own psychic pet stories. I know you have them.

I'm thankful for my pets and I'm thankful for my stories.

I'm thankful I have people waiting to read them.



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Oct 08, 2010 My psychic dog
by: Animal lover

I found your article because I searched for information on psychic cats - the reason being that I've been volunteering at the local Humane Society, socialising with cats. I've never had my own pet cat, but just visiting with the ones at the Humane Society has made me wonder if they are psychic; they seem to understand what I expect of them, and to respond when I make requests of them ("Use less claw, please" etc).

Here is a story about my dog, Flower, who seems to use psychic ability sometimes. I was in my studio, working on some art, when I decided to take a break. I went out into the hall and leaned on the stair banister, enjoying the sunshine and thinking about how nice it would be to go outside. I then thought I would like to take Flower for a walk. As soon as I thought it, she jumped off the bed where she was resting and rushed out into the hallway to stare at me excitedly, the way she does when I say out loud "Want to go for a walk?". Of course, we went. The funny part is, she could only have known what I was thinking by using telepathy. The bed she was on doesn't have a view of the hallway, so she couldn't see me at all. Also, I was making no noise, just standing quietly. I didn't rattle keys, or put my shoes on (she responds to these noises). And it wasn't the usual walk-time for us, either! So, unless she could SMELL my intention to take her out, she must be able to pick up my thoughts.

This was a pleasant surprise, but not completely unusual for me, though. I often unwittingly transmit thoughts to my family members and close friends (my immediate family do this, too - we tend to start thinking about the caller right before a phone call from another family member comes in, for example).

May 11, 2010 SO!?
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

Are we pet psychics or do we have psychic pets or both? I think it's both. It's a shame we live all over the world or we'd have some very memorable dinner conversations.

May 10, 2010 most definitly
by: kathy

Theres no way anyone can or will tell me that my cat Lia did not know something was wrong with me last week after I was injured by a horse. He stayed right on my bed by my side until I was better. A year ago he slept right by my head when I was injured in a car addident. Oh yeah did I forget to mention how he tried to warn us about the earthquake. Also on occasion he enjoys picking out a tarot card. He drew one today as a matter of fact. 5-10-10, He drew the card for unconditional love. It also has two mountain lions on it for a picture. Its not a conventional tarot deck it's a spiritual deck dealing with Native American beliefs. One time he drew one that said He was surrounded by people he loves and people who love him---go figure.

May 06, 2010 There are lots of us
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

I've had a lot of people ask me how it feels to be empathic. The good side of it is great. You know you're making the right decision when you use it. The intuition part is the part I wouldn't trade for anything. But the bad side is very hard to deal with. It feels like being caught going twice the legal speed limit and the police lights just came on behind you. I've literally been in a room and had to physically run out because of someone.

My daughter is grown and she's had it since she was young. I was able to teach her how to use it and it has saved her life several times. Mostly by not getting in a car with someone who would later wreck. She can even tell when her grandmother is ill. She lives an hour away.

I had a cat I used the gift with. I was petting him and sensed something wrong in his abdomen. I took him to the vet and the vet did exploratory surgery and found a tumor wrapped around his entire abdomen. The vet euthanized him while he was under. That was 20 years ago.

I think if more people would quit telling us thiscan't exist we'd have more people admit to it.

May 06, 2010 I'm with you, Elisa
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Loved your article, Elisa, and am in total agreement with you. I, too, have strong empathic ability; however, I cannot ever remember not having it. It's as natural as breathing. The only stronger empath that I've ever known was my late mother - the healer who fixed a broken seagull's wing that I wrote about in another thread.

Sadie communicates telepathically all the time. She stares, or gestures with her paw, or taps me then leads me to what she wants. If I don't respond, she comes back and, I swear, her staring indignantly gets the message through loud and clear.

We've had what I would call psychic pets our entire lives; however, it seems the women in our family were the only ones who understood. Not to go off-subject but I've always been able to sense things, read tarot/tea leaves, predict events, but mostly I've kept it to myself - only sharing it with few people for the obvious reasons (those guys in the "white coats"). It wasn't until my dad's mom passed that a cousin told me that we came from a long line of psychic women on Dad's side. I never knew my grandmother read tea leaves, nor did I know until adulthood that my mom's mother also had similar ability, which is why animals gravitated to her. Apparently, she grew up on a farm in Poland and talked to the animals all the time and they responded. Now it makes sense as to why my own mother could communicate with a wild sea gull, who trusted her explicitly when Mom dressed its broken wing and only allowed Mom to touch the bird. That seagull used to visit Mom periodically after it was well - its unique markings identified it. When Mom passed, the seagull flew over the house in circles, then flew away for good. Whoa...I've got goosebumps now. You see, Elisa? You are not alone in your beliefs, science or not.

May 05, 2010 Pet Psychic and beyond
by: Dorothy

Well, Science and empathy can agree. Rupert Sheldrake, PhD., a scientist, of the UK by the way, has written numerous books and pieces on this subject and more. My favorite "Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home; And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals: An Investigation" is a great book that you all might enjoy. It helps us to understand how brilliant our pets really are. There is no mistaking how much more there is than meets the eye.

We don't know how our cells work, and we don't control them, but somehow they just seem to know what to do! Why not us, why not our animals.

It's a fascinating subject, and if the men in white suits come and take you away, I promise I'll come visit. Either in person or otherwise!

Best to you, and to YOU Ruth, and to YOU Michael.


May 02, 2010 Psychic pets
by: Ruth

Very interesting Elisa.I have a few strange stories.
Our late dad hated cats(or said he did)and on the night he died I went outside our house for some air and there were 15 cats sitting on the walls around our street.One black and white one was sitting right by our gate.
Around 10 weeks later this same cat arrived with a little kitten in her mouth,dropped him under our kitchen table and went off, coming back shortly after with another kitten.They moved in of course.By the size of the kittens we worked out they must have been conceived the night our dad died.That cat knew without a doubt she wouldn't be turned away as he'd gone!
Years later our late mam came out of hospital with terminal cancer.One of our cats at the time, Felix, moved into her room and never left her side for the last 10 days she lived.He was always a shy cat and usually avoided strangers but he sat on that bed throughout all the doctors, nurses and friends visits,apart for quick necessary trips outside. When she died he left her room and never went back in.
One last little tale about a friend's cat Maverick, he wouldn't settle one day, he kept meowing and pacing about, nothing consoled him.He kept on looking out of the window.Eventually our friend went outside and looked around.There on the lawn next door,unconscious, was the old lady who lived alone.Maverick saved her life as she lived in the house on the end where no one walked past!
Psychic cats or instinct, I don't know, but I'm like you Elisa and believe we don't have to see or understand things to prove they are there.
I'm part cat too, sometimes even get called feral !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 02, 2010 Thanks Elisa
by: Michael

Thanks for a very interesting article Elisa. Being scientific by nature I am not sure about psychic pets and pet psychics.

But there is no doubt that you have a great deal of empathy with animals. And this is a form of psychic skill, perhaps.

Cats are very sensitive and pick up things that we might not.

One day we may know more and it is possible that we will discover that these skills can be proved scientifically.

Michael Avatar

3 thoughts on “Pet Psychic and Psychic Pets”

  1. Hi there,

    I have read this article with interest as I have been a Psychic for as long as I can remember and I have tuned in to animals which were lost and i have found them successfully many times. I recently found a little dog Zac who was lost in the Australian Bush 1 1/2 hours drive out of Perth in Western Australia. Doing all this from the phone at my home in Sydney over four thousand kilometres away! I firstly got the name of a road and then when I directed the owner of Zac Anne and the search party who were assisting her to that road they then had to walk along a track for half an hour till I directed them to the little dug out he was sleeping in at night which they could confirm because his freshly laid paw prints were there. The Park rangers put out a cage to trap him in with some yummy food and they caught him! The only way I feel that I was able to track the little fella was because of the link I made to him that then enabled me to ‘see’ Psychically where he was exactly. So I not only believe in these connections between us human beings and our dear old faithfull freinds – but I know for sure that it exists!

    Bye for now,

    From Jacqui Lees

    • Hi Jacqui, it would be nice if you could do a post (an article) for the site about your experiences with respect to animals. There is a form on the home page for anyone to upload words and images. Thanks anyway for visiting and sharing.


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