Pet psychic finds the lady’s cat. Pet detective with cat detection dog fails

I have just written about a cat detection dog in the UK called Molly. She is very successful. She is well-trained. This is an alternative solution. It is an interesting solution and one that I find less believable but nonetheless it worked.

A lady in America, Samerah Begzad, loves her indoor cat Simba. He had been with the family for 13 years without a hitch but he went missing on March 10 of this year. Samerah believes that he escaped from their balcony and was attracted by two cats below who were meowing to him. It shows how a cat who has been with the family for a long time can suddenly and inexplicably go walkabout and disappear. Samerah and her family were devastated. She was sad and she had to do something about it.

Although she searched tirelessly she failed to find him. After three weeks she looked up a pet detective who had a dog trained to detect the scent of a cat just like Molly in the UK. She paid the lady $400. Her name is Jackie. Samerah did not have much optimism about the chances of success with Jackie. She felt bad vibes as soon as she met her. Her vibes proved to be accurate. She was more a con woman than a genuine pet detective.

Jackie took Samerah all around Union City with her dog. She took her quite far afield which surprised Samerah because, as she correctly assessed, her cat was likely to be nearby. At the end of the day, after four hours work, she failed to find her cat. As Samerah was desperate she asked her to keep trying but she wanted to charge her another $400 for a further four hours work. As Samerah was a student at the time she was unable to pay.

Samerah mentions, by the way, that there are three pet detectives in Southern California with trained dogs. It is interesting that there’s only one trained cat or pet search dog in the UK but they appear to be much more common in the USA.

After her failed search with the pet detective and her dog, Samerah was exhausted and emotionally drained. She decided to hire a pet psychic. Her name is Hilary Renaissance; quite a fancy name if I may say so. She found her on Google. She charged $100 over the phone and gave Samerah clues as to where her missing cat might be.

The psychic said that she communicated with Simba. She let Samerah know where he might be found and what “kind of person’s backyard he was in, and why he was scared to come home”.

Samerah diligently followed the pet psychic’s clues going from townhouse to townhouse across the street as advised. On April 14, 2017 she found her beloved cat in a place where the pet psychic had said he might be. She says that everything the pet psychic said was true. It blew her mind. There was probably a lot of common sense in what she said.

Simba was sitting between the fences of a backyard; he was scared, lost and meowing. She jumped inside and in between the fences to retrieve him and once she did so he started to purr. Samerah had him checked over at the local pet hospital. He was okay, just malnourished. He is now safely at home.

On this occasion a cat detection dog failed and a cat detection psychic succeeded (without visiting the place). This is surprising to me but it happened.

Source: The Pioneer Online.

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  1. I truly believe in the abilities of a pet psychic. The problem is weeding out the fakes and con artists to find the genuine professionals.


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