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Pet Rescue and Adoption Act – Assembly Bill 485 — 3 Comments

  1. If you want a purebred animal go to a breeder. This will have a major impact on shutting down puppy mills and those that breed to sell to pet stores.
    Most pet stores have adoption centers and do not sell purebred or shelter pets.

    • Thank you ME. There is also an argument that puppy and kitten mills should be shut down anyway. They should not exist. There is no requirement for their existence in my opinion bearing in mind the numbers of rescue cats and dogs at shelters.

      • Of course they should be shut down. This just lets them die of their own accord. Brokers are the other evil but even they will be impacted. It would be a good idea for a lot of those in rescue to not get tunnel vision. Beat on all sides of the box not just one side. Real breeders will support this as it helps remove the breeding of substandard purebreds.

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