Pet shops in Encinitas, California must only sell cats and dogs from shelters

Pet shops in Encinitas, California must now comply with a new ordinance (law) which makes it obligatory for them to only display and display cats and dogs from shelters or non-profit humane societies.

Council Meeting
Council Meeting
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Selling cats and dogs produced at commercial breeders is illegal. There is a growing trend for this sort legislation and very welcome it is too. This is the fourth city (after: San Marcos, San Diego, and Chula Vista) in San Diego County to adopt this sort of ban and there are 80 such cities in the USA. The council voted unanimously at 4-0 with one member absent.

The new legislation is a preventative, proactive measure as there are currently no ‘pet sales businesses’ in the city. As a consequence some people argued the law was not required. I favour putting these laws in place nonetheless as they set the tone and prevent future attempts at setting up stores selling cats and dogs from puppy mills.

Ban puppy stores

Steve MacKinnon, the chief of humane law enforcement for the San Diego Humane Society said that puppy mills are,

“nothing short of commercially sanctioned animal cruelty.”

We can all concur with that.

MacKinnon said that most of the commercial breeders are in the Midwest. The animals are trucked in over thousands of miles for sale in California.

Supporters of the new law said that they would take the streets and create picket lines if someone tried to open one of these pet stores. This is another example of the willingness of passionate animal lovers to protest and have their voice heard when needs must.

Presently, there are three pet stores in the city: Petco, Petsmart and Pet Haus and they all display and sell rescue animals and host adoption events. This is great.

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7 thoughts on “Pet shops in Encinitas, California must only sell cats and dogs from shelters”

  1. This is great to hear! Definitely progressive and in the best interest of the animals. It would be good to know the details, I suspect that there is mandatory chipping, a yes return policy and hopefully instructions on how to care for the adopted pet as so many people have no idea how to take care of a cat or dog.

  2. This is a really positive piece of legislation and I like that it’s being introduced proactively.

    Wouldn’t it be great if cities across America follow suit.

    • I agree and it advertises to the nation that the lawmakers, the people’s representatives of this place are seriously thinking about animal welfare. This is great and it is about time.

  3. This is how it should ALWAYS be. . . My local Petco store where I am a regular shopper only has anipals for sale from our local shelters as well — PAWSOME!!!

  4. This is a step in the right direction. I think most breeders sell online or through ads in pet magazines rather than retail outlets, except maybe in the Midwest, though I haven’t researched it.


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