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Pet Travel Scheme and Savannah Cats — 4 Comments

  1. I have an f3 Savannah cat. She is a service animal. I have diabetes. My blood sugar drops to 60, and occasionally lower, when I’m sleeping. So far, she has been able to wake me when that happens. Because of that skill, I am reluctant to travel without her. My doctor has written a letter stating she is a service animal because of her abilities. Would I be allowed to travel to the UK for a last vacation with her? I lived in Great Britain in my early 20’s and would like to go back for a few weeks before I’m too old to travel there again. So far, she has saved my life three times, so I prefer to keep her with me while I am sleeping. She does walk on a leash if that helps, and is awesome with children and adults.

  2. I think it’s good that they’ve added clearer definition regarding the transportion of hybrids.

    It may have been done in part to make it more difficult to traffick small exotic cats for for the pet trade. I know when “Asheras” were transported into the Netherlands the authorities suspected they might be endangered cats protected by CITES. Further DNA testing confirmed they were F1 Savannahs.

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