PETA anti-leather activists hijack Victoria Beckham’s Paris fashion show

NEWS AND OPINION: Being an animal advocate, I like to see this. I know a lot of people won’t. They’ll think that it is mad and just plain disruptive but I love it. It seems that this was a very well organised, highly visible protest as when one of the protestors is hustled off the catwalk another popped up and did the same thing: walk alongside the models. It looks very strange.

PETA activists hijack Victoria Beckham's Paris fashion show in protesting about the use of leather particularly calfskin in her designs
PETA activists hijack Victoria Beckham’s Paris fashion show in protesting about the use of leather particularly calfskin in her designs. Screenshot.
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The models just kept on walking. The protest was about the use of leather in fashion. Beckham does not use fur and “exotic skins” whatever that means but her fashion label still uses “a large quantity of cruelly obtained leather particularly calfskin” according to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

PETA wants Beckham to use alternatives. I have written about a product called Celium for instance. There is no need to use the skin of animals these days. Celium is 100% bio-based leather.

 No garment or accessory is worth violently slaughtering and skinning a sensitive and intelligent animal. We are urging Victoria Beckham to turn instead to the ethical and eco-friendly innovations available today, such as high-end leather made from apples, grapes, pineapples, mushrooms and more.

PETA’s president for Europe, Mimi Bekhechi,

Comment: We are well beyond the time when there is no excuse for using the skin of animals in clothing. It is time to stop. I am surprised that Beckham allows it. She has probably complained about the protest but she has brought it upon herself.

The making of cat fur is big business in China where millions of cats – domestic and feral – are cruelly slaughtered for the skin on their backs annually. It is truly horrendous. We must also remember the dogs who suffer in the same way. Shame on the Chinese.

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PETA’s motto: “Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.” It’s good. A lot of people think PETA are extreme. They have to be extreme sometimes to get noticed among all the noise of day-to-day life.

The banner in the picture and video says: ‘Viva vegan leather’, meaning ‘long live vegan leather’ meaning artificial leather like the Celium.

Sadly, another animal advocate, Nathan Winograd, is a permanent war with PETA. It must stop in the interests of animal welfare.

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  1. The thing is when these designers source their leather from China it can be dog and cat and any other mammal. For instance those leather gloves you got for Christmas made in China most definitely are dog and cat skins. And that cute little pompom on your knit hat, it is cat fur! The same is true for leather boots, shoes, purses, jackets etc made in China. Just about any leather good in China can have cat and dog skin.

    I once had 200 mostly feral cats on my dirt road neighborhood and it took 3 of us ladies to spay and neuter most of them in 10 years. TNR is the only answer to control feral cats because a-holes will always dump un-neutered cats. They will never stop as I have NEVER been able to stop TNR of cats for 15 years, throw away on my street. In 2023 I spayed and neutered 10. 3 females and 7 males. It’s a never ending battle with the morons who throw their unwanted cats away.

  2. (1).The Cohabitation of Humans and Urban Cats in the Anthropocene. doi: 10.3390/ani11030705;
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