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PETA Believes Feral Cats Should Be Killed — 6 Comments

  1. I used to support peta util today I have been caring for a a stray and many of her kittens that I had fixed through peta she lived behind my house for a couple of years and I couldn’t get her inside to spayed. She was very sweet and loving but wouldn’t let me pick her up so I bought a trap because I had an appointment with peta mobile clinic to have her spayed. i fianally got her in my house 10 weeks ago a day before she had her last litter. Today I tried to get her in the trap but she wasn’t falling for it so my husband put thick gloves to get her in the trap and thought I was finally going to get her spayed,they have a $60 feral fee for all cats that come in traps thats supposed to pay for hiv test and shot,rabies and spqy. Theu killed her and said she had hiv, but she was not sick! They killed her because they thought she was feral! i wish I would have known their policies I will never let them kill another animal I love!

    • Yes, we know what people like you think but you completely lack humanity and a sensibility towards other sentient beings that we put there. They are our responsibility. We have to treat them decently if we are to behave morally. You don’t understand that aspect of feral cats.

  2. We have a large bird sanctuary in the area that feral cats are ALWAYS invading. The state (MD) doesn’t want anything to do with controlling or trapping them simply because they don’t have the resources or room in the shelters and that if I wanted them trapped and fixed I would have to pay for it all, thanks to irresponsible owners who just allow their un-fixed animals to roam about. Recently I shot and killed 4 roughly 4 week old kittens and wounded the mother who was climbing a tree towards a nest. I’m not proud of this by any means, but it has to be done to protect some of the endangered birds like wrens and warblers we have here.

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