PETA compassion award goes to Miami Beach police (video)

The sterling work of two Miami Beach Police Department officers resulted in the department receiving a compassion award from PETA.

PETA compassion award goes to Miami police
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Miami Beach Police Department saved a kitten in a storm drain on Nov 5th. According to PETA, two officers, Anthony Yarusso and Sgt. Melissa Negron, were flagged down and told that a cat was meowing in a storm drain.

Between them they lifted the storm drain cover and recovered the kitten. They took the kitten to a nearby animal hospital. She was fed and warmed up in an incubator. And guess what? Yarusso adopted her. Great ending.

Here is a 26 second video on Twitter of the rescue which lead to the PETA award.

PETA compassion award goes to Miami police
PETA compassion award goes to Miami police


Great to see police taking the time to do this sort of work. It is great PR for the police to show a commitment to rescuing a kitten. It’ll do the police no end of good.

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