PETA Exterminates Feral Cats

by Kathryn Mason
(Eugene, Oregon)

Kathryn Penn Mason

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Kathryn Penn Mason

I had been a caretaker of six homeless cats in my neighborhood in Northern Washington for 7 years. When I had to move to Eugene, Oregon, I arranged for new pet caretakers to feed and water these cats until I could hopefully, relocate them to my new home. I searched for these people, interviewed them, introduced them to the cats and made arrangements for food to be given them, or to mail them checks to buy food, if that is what they preferred. I also paid them for their time.

None of them followed through. I found out after four months. I then contacted the “Animals Rights” group at the State university in the town. I asked that a request be put on their listserve to members who might want a part time job.

In response, I got a canned e-mail from PETA, that told me to trap and remove the cats to the local shelter! Of course there they will be killed. I was shocked that PETA took this stand and researched the matter.

PETA is the only major “humane” group that claims that trapping and exterminating these cats is the best thing for the cats themselves! This reminds me of the Nazi “final solution” for the Jews.

PETA claims it is just heartbroken to see the terrible things that happen to these cats, as if all the other humane groups have not seen the same things!

PETA is good at flash, but they are also hypocrites. If animals have rights, is the fundamental one to stay alive? Is PETA’s solution to trap, cart off, and kill homeless people as well? Why not? If both have rights, than surely both must be exterminated to be better off!

This truth about PETA makes it rotten at its core; they should stay out of mundane non glamorous day to day animal welfare; they should leave the hungry cat at the front door hungry and alone to continue its mission to teach and expand human compassion through giving us the opportunity to help someone outside ourselves.

PETA has begun PETA2 to appeal to young adults; and in this manner will indoctrinate the less intelligent among them into this mass murder philosophy.

How can PETA be exposed? I continue to believe PETA must do good things for high profile animals and I do not want to join its many enemies; but the truth is the truth; PETA advocates and actively promotes the mass murder of feral cats. They must be stopped.

I know the cats are in danger from the vicissitudes of Nature; but they are in much greater, organized and directed danger from PETA.


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PETA Exterminates Feral Cats

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Feb 07, 2012PETA exterminates strays
by: Mitzi C koehlWhat the hell?! I feed strays around my neighborhood, I love them and they know it. Some of them are very sweet. I will protect with my last breath, PETA is a joke, WAS considering membership now no.

Aug 17, 2011disgusted
by: genevieve lehrI am appalled that PETA is selectively killing feral cats. I foster feral kittens and belong to an organization that practices TNR in Nova Scotia, Canada. I will no longer donate to PETA though I endorse many of their activities on behalf of animals. It sickens me that an organization of animal activists considers feral cats less than worthy of our protection and compassion. Shame on PETA!

Apr 30, 2011PETA
by: Bert I can not believe of abide with such stupid people. They are suppose to be protecting all animals and they say to trap and kill these cats. We as the owners of cats should be outraged but so should every one capable of an independent thought or feelings. As a society we have created this problem by turning out cats and kittens we have gotten tired or over burdened with the care of our pets. Every time we let our cats who have not been fixed out to run about the neighborhood and then when they have kittens we leave them outside to fend for themselves or the one who let their tom cats out and do not get them fixed. I have a mixed breed Maine Coon cat who was one of a four litter. The owners did not want the kittens and just gave them to any one who would take them that was 5 years ago and mine is the only one who is still alive as all the others were allowed to run outside. Of note the owner of the mommy cat never got the fixed. She died about a year later. He gave her to another person who did not know how to handle a cat who had not been handled enough to become tame. She would let you be in the same room as her but she did not want to be touched. My cat is still to this day not a people cat except for me and my daughter. She goes outside on a leash and harness. She can not be let out on her own a she does not trust many people. Even though she is an indoor cat I did get her fixed and she is very healthy and happy well adjusted kitty.

Jan 21, 2011PETA
by: John take a look at for more facts on PETA. In 1989/1990 they released a fact sheet pro-TNR and the following year released a new one against TNR. Sadly many fall under the PETA slaughter radar but fact remains one of their members sent a letter threatening to kill the baby polar bear orphan in Russia that was hand reared by humans.I am a feral cat caregiver and have done a lot of research into the PETA movement and find it disgusting. Vice president of PETA never made any qualms that she uses insulin that contains animal by-products.

Go figure?

Jan 10, 2011You’re their angel
by: Linda I There is a special place in heaven for nature’s caretakers. God’s blessings on you, Kathryn.

Jan 10, 2011Feral cats
by: Anonymous Sorry to hear that and now I understand what they want from animals. PETA go ahead and fight the good fight for: skinning cats and dogs for fur in China,dog fighting, fur sales in the US, and other things you deem high on the list. We who fight to save feral cats will do the mundane TNR( Trap Neuter Return) because we KNOW IT WORKS!!

Jan 10, 2011To Kathryn
by: Ruth Kathryn I’m so sorry that those people who you trusted to look after those cats for you let you and them down ! You did so much to ensure they were cared for. Some people have no conscience.
I’m sorry also about PETA’s ‘solution’
They do a lot of damage to those of us concerned with animal welfare and cause us to be called ‘PETA freaks’ many times.
I don’t know what the solution is apart from letting as many people as we can know about their dreadful stance on feral cats and by not donating any money to them.
Kattaddorra signature Ruth 

Jan 10, 2011Heard about this
by: Michael Thanks for sharing Kathryn. I have heard quite a lot about this and I find it very disturbing. Many people are upset and angry and I am surprised it does have a negative impact on funding at PETA. Maybe it does.It seems to fly in the face of the organisation’s title: People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals.

How can killing animals en masse be ethical?

Surely the ethical way to treat feral cats is to tackle the problem at “both ends”.

1. Prevent poor cat caretaking
2. Clear up the mess left by poor cat caretaking in a humane way and the only way we know is Trap-Neuter-Return.

I’ll see if I can do a post on this subject to get behind the thinking of the board as to why they believe it is ethical to slaughter cats.

Perhaps there is pressure from big business involved here.

If big business funds PETA they can dictate to it. And PETA itself is big business.

Feral cats are big business. The Shelters in part rely on them and dead feral cats are business too (cheap supply of protein for pet food) when you consider that more than 2 million are slaughtered yearly in the USA – it could be more.

Michael Avatar

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