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PETA has a heart and senior lady cries with joy at her cat’s recovery — 3 Comments

  1. Good for PETA! So many elderly people on fixed incomes would make wonderful, caring companions for cats, but the cost of food, litter, and veterinary care might be prohibitive. I’d love to find and support a charity or cat shelter that has a special program to place cats with such people and that provides assistance with food costs, food and litter delivery, vet trips, and vet bills.

    • That’s a nice idea, Rena. It makes me think that there should be a charity like this already in existence but perhaps there is not. Certainly the domestic cat provides so much companionship and support for elderly people. The domestic cat can be a lifeline and this elderly lady’s reaction shows us the importance of her cat in her life.

  2. That is a very heartwarming story and I’m glad to hear that because the efforts from geraldine and peta, beau’s life was saved..I love to read about stories like this..it makes me smile..

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