PETA has a heart and senior lady cries with joy at her cat’s recovery

Sometimes PETA gives us the impression that they are too tough and uncompromising on animal rights – e.g. their attitude towards feral cats. They almost present to the world a profile of being a tough, business orientated organisation. Perhaps you have to be like that because you have to fight fire with fire. However, this little story, in America, is an example of PETA’s caring attitude and it reveals that they have a tender heart behind that hard exterior.

Beau is a 4-year-old black and white boy living with Geraldine, an elderly lady who loves Beau. You can see that in the video. Beau had lost his appetite in a bad way and Geraldine was unable to find the money to get him to a vet. She had a mere $10 to see her through to the next welfare payment. In desperation she contacted her local humane society for assistance. They could not help. She tried other organisations without success but eventually she found success with PETA.

One of their vets did the usual tests and performed a full check on Beau. PETA’s vet gave him fluids, an appetite stimulant, antibiotics and pain killers – the full works. All of this was free of charge. The decision was made that Beau’s condition was serious enough to warrant force feeding if he did not start eating soon.

Geraldine was stressed by the prospect of losing her beloved companion. She contemplated having Beau euthanised after discussing Beau with a friend and neighbor of hers, Regina. She was seriously looking at the imminent death of her young cat. In fact she had had a photo of Beau enlarged as a memory of him in preparation for his departure.

Meanwhile at the cat shelter a PETA field worker, Kat, more in hope than expectation offered a treat to Beau. He ate it. Perhaps all the vet’s work had kicked in belatedly. It was a magic moment. However, Beau would not eat more than the treat. Dedicated to Beau’s welfare Kat spent the night with Beau sleeping on the floor near him.

Geraldine receives good news from Kat

The morning brought good news and hope. Beau was eating and showed signs of feeling better. Two days later Kat took Beau back home to Geraldine. Now you can look at the video to see her reaction to being told Beau was eating again.

The tears and joy of hearing the good news

Pure emotion

The joy of not losing Beau

It is all there on her face and in her reaction: the anxiety of losing Beau drained away leaving her very tearful and exhilarated at the same time.

After recovery and back home with mom

It is a lovely video worthy of being shared. It shines a light on the profound affection millions of cat caretakers have for the cat they love and the deep anxiety they go through at the prospect of losing him. And one last point. It it does not matter if the cat is beautiful or purebred. The important thing is whether he/she is loved and the quality of the relationship.

The source: PETA.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • Good for PETA! So many elderly people on fixed incomes would make wonderful, caring companions for cats, but the cost of food, litter, and veterinary care might be prohibitive. I’d love to find and support a charity or cat shelter that has a special program to place cats with such people and that provides assistance with food costs, food and litter delivery, vet trips, and vet bills.

    • That's a nice idea, Rena. It makes me think that there should be a charity like this already in existence but perhaps there is not. Certainly the domestic cat provides so much companionship and support for elderly people. The domestic cat can be a lifeline and this elderly lady's reaction shows us the importance of her cat in her life.

  • That is a very heartwarming story and I'm glad to hear that because the efforts from geraldine and peta, beau's life was saved..I love to read about stories like makes me smile..

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